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Elderly Mum who won't spend any money on clothes.

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nansoval Wed 06-Jan-16 17:59:19

My mum is nearly 94 years old and lives independently. she is comfortably off financially, but refuses to buy any new/secondhand clothes.
Quite frankly I'm ashamed of the way she dresses but find it hard to tell her so - as does my sister.
She goes on and on about various items she needs, but there is never the right item anywhere.
She desperately needs a new wardrobe of clothes, but says she doesn't go anywhere to wear them and she won't get the wear out of them.
Shopping with her is diabolicle and ends in a shouting match.
anybody have any ideas on replacing her threadbare clothes ?

EmilyHarburn Fri 08-Jan-16 13:42:16

For most of us as we grow older physically shopping for clothes in town ceases to be enjoyable for a number of reasons.

Then day to day choices start to become onerous and all ordinary day to day activities take longer to accomplish so it seems to be easier to put the same clothes on.

For my father inlaw who lived with us we ordered 2 identical washable suits with two extra trousers (meant for bushiness men on the move). This meant that he was happy each morning to dress in clean clothes if I had swapped a garment. His underwear was also one brand and sort in good quantity.

With my mother I asked the 'colour me beautiful' rep to make a home visit as she was getting ready for her 100th birthday. We looked at the minimum number of clothes to buy which would increase the flexibility of her existing wardrobe. I bought these for her on line and they all arrived within a week. They were so easy to incorporate in the 'uniform' wear of navy blue or charcoal trousers and pink or pale blue blouses.

My friend aged 84 who is still running a business, says she can't be bothered to shop for clothes, has her hair dyed regularly, and a physio to keep her flexible. She is sticking to a capsule wardrobe of black with beige, stone and white.

With my wardrobe I find it helpful to have as many clothes as possible hanging on the rail rather than tucked away in drawers. This makes it easier for me to select another set to wear.

Sometimes I hang my clothes in sets so that I can pick up top, trousers and jacket in one go.

If the person does not have the energy to seek out new clothes, and really needs them, I agree with a previous contributor, that it good idea to suggest that they are yours and on the way to the charity shop.

The last time one arranges to dress one's mother is in clothes given to the undertaker for her coffin. I was so glad we had some nice clothes.

phizz Fri 08-Jan-16 21:26:14

Perhaps she wants to leave her money to her beloved family, rather than spend on clothes for herself.