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Are there any earphones/ear buds that are comfortable?

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cornergran Thu 01-Dec-16 03:30:03

It's a not sleeping night and I have been relatively happily catching up with tv using the iPad. I'm warm and comfortable but my ears hurt! If anyone can advise on a more comfortable way to listen so I can stay in bed I would so appreciate it. I know we cant advertise but think it's OK to report our own experience. I've tried earphones with foam ends and currently the Apple earbuds. Neither are comfortable. It would be good to hear (read!) your experiences.

Mumsy Thu 01-Dec-16 09:10:12

I find the in earphones too painful to use as well and Ive tried quite a few! The last ones I bought had silicone covers which were a bit more comfortable than the previous ones Ive bought. Have you tried the ones that hook over the ear I think they are called sports earphones? they dont go into the ear as much.

shysal Thu 01-Dec-16 09:57:44

How about something like this? There are versions in a large price range.

Jayanna9040 Thu 01-Dec-16 11:37:18

No. None at all. Not even my v expensive hearing aid ones!

Greyduster Thu 01-Dec-16 12:31:09

I think it's a personal thing, but the only earphones I can wear for any length of time are the Apple ones that came with my phone. I do find, however, that listening through earphones makes my tinnitus worse.

Welshwife Thu 01-Dec-16 12:45:01

I find most ear phone really hurt inside my ears yet I cannot actually pinpoint the spot when I have a prod after taking them out. The most comfortable I have had were a free pair to listen to the commentary on the tour bus in Marrakech! But they didn't last long.

Willow500 Thu 01-Dec-16 13:06:54

I can't wear any of the in-ear headphone and have a pretty large pair of 'proper' ones which are great on the rare occasions I wear them. How about a bluetooth or wireless set so you're not tangled with the wires?

cornergran Thu 01-Dec-16 13:13:10

Thank you all. Like the look of the sleep band, maybe Santa will bring one. If all else fails wireless it is. The only time I use them is the nights I don't sleep and sore ears aren't that restful. It's really good to know I'm not the only one. Began to think I had odd ears grin.

baubles Thu 01-Dec-16 14:25:30

I just can't keep the earbuds in my ears. It's frustrating when I'm listening to the Archers Omnibus whilst out dog walking and the darn things keep falling out!

Luckygirl Thu 01-Dec-16 17:00:11

I have the sleepband and love it. It lies on the bed and I can grab it and my iPod nano if sleep eludes me. I actually wear it the "wrong" way round with the wire coming out in the middle of my forehead! I look pretty odd, but I can drift off to beautiful music or a meditation track.

nancyma Thu 01-Dec-16 17:13:35

Lucky girl I'm going to try the sleep band. I don't mind looking daft in bed could get one to match my socks!

LadyGracie Thu 01-Dec-16 17:15:51

You can also buy headphone pillows

cornergran Thu 01-Dec-16 20:15:05

Santa's list now contains a headband and a pillow. Insomnia in comfort could be fun grin. Thank you everyone.

JackyB Sat 10-Dec-16 08:13:15

The sleep phones ("pajamas for your ears" - Not my spelling, they are intentionally spelt the American way.) are OK, I have had some for a couple of years now. They are extremely expensive. When I bought mine, the standard ones were around €45, and the ones I got, with bluetooth (so I didn't strangle myself on the cable) were €77. Ridiculous, really.

The speakers are little pads, about the size of a stamp, but they are not completely flat - they can't be, of course, and after a while, they do does press into your ear and hurt, if you are lying on your side. The headbands come in three sizes - I bought the smallest one, which fits fine. But you can make your own headband and swap them about. You can also take the gubbins out completely and wash the band.

As for earbuds, I don't like the ones that stick into your ear horizontally. Partly because they have a rubber gasket thing which almost blocks out all other sounds, which can be disconcerting and disorientating. I prefer the ones which are flat against the ear, but these seem to be getting rarer and rarer.

lefthanded Sun 11-Dec-16 01:37:04

I have a pair of Phillips SHP3165 over-ear headphones. They are wireless (bluetooth) and extremely comfortable. I wear them in bed to listen to Internet radio and my wife doesn't hear anything (but she does complain about the tiny blue light on them that flashes when they are connected).

£30 in Argos.