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Annoying ads on gransnet

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tiggypiro Thu 08-Dec-16 20:27:23

At the moment I seem to be inundated with BMI Healthcare ads all over the Active threads page. There are 4, all very brightly coloured and all annoying. Even if I needed whatever it is they are trying to sell me there is no way I would consider that particular company.
Does anyone else have them and how can I get rid of them? They certainly put me off browsing gransnet so if anyone in HQ is listening please make BMI Healthcare calm down.

jillyco Thu 08-Dec-16 20:51:28

I use Google Chrome and have added the adblock plus extension (, which blocks all adverts.

Grannyknot Thu 08-Dec-16 21:57:43

They are indeed annoying in their bright yellilow-ni- ness and on my laptop they surround the forums on all sides. I feel quite claustrophobic for all of us grin

I will put the adblock app on my laptop (my Kindle and phone are fine).

Jalima Thu 08-Dec-16 23:01:22

jillyco It worked!! Thank you

let's hope it doesn't mess up my pc, I've had enough trouble with it lately

NfkDumpling Fri 09-Dec-16 07:22:20

Bottoms! Didn't work on my laptop. The download for Edge just didn't do anything, so I tried Googlechrome. That downloaded, but the yellow banners are still there on Google. Ho hum.

glammanana Fri 09-Dec-16 08:14:55

Driving me mad the ads are on all sides and make it difficult to read the forum I'll try adblock also and see if it works for me I do hope so.

Anya Fri 09-Dec-16 08:49:55

I installed Adblock and it works.

Teetime Fri 09-Dec-16 09:09:52

Two great big orange banners both sides of the screen don't know what they are advertising I try not to look.

NanaandGrampy Fri 09-Dec-16 09:22:40

Same for me - I tried in both Edge and Chrome with no success and I'm damned if I'm going to download Firefox for just this issue.

Anya Fri 09-Dec-16 09:31:52

It depends on your web browser. I use Safari so bought (for the princely sum of £1.49) an appropriate adblocker.

I did have to go to settings and switch it on.

tiggypiro Fri 09-Dec-16 16:51:34

Thank you all for your help. I have now found an ad blocker which works with Firefox and the annoying ads have disappeared. Oh joy oh rapture !!!

Nelliemoser Fri 09-Dec-16 23:53:07

I had to restart my Firefox completely and then had to put in new add blockers. I am not sure it's fully working yet.

Nelliemoser Sat 10-Dec-16 00:00:25

While we are on this tecchie stuff which browsers do people prefer?
When I (OH) was fixing my Firefox browser. I was trying Google Chrome then dabbled for a very short while with Microsoft Edge. I was so pleased to get back to Firefox. Some of the others were just dreadful.

jillyco Sat 10-Dec-16 08:04:55

I use Google Chrome as I have a gmail address and use Picasa for photo editing and it just makes it all more seamless. I tried Edge but couldn't get on with it at all, use Safari on my iPad but haven't tried Firefox though I believe a lot of people like it. I think once you get used to a particular browser, then it is easier to just stick with it as you know where everything is.

Back to the original adblock issue - to get it working in Chrome you will need to go the settings (the three vertical lines top right of the page) then choose 'settings' (near the bottom of the drop-down list), then the 'extensions' option on the list on the left and make sure it is enabled. You can also install the adblock extension from the 'Get more Extensions' link at the bottom of that page and then searching for adblock plus in the Web Store

Saturday morning lesson over! I hope it may help somebody ...

NanaandGrampy Sat 10-Dec-16 12:46:56

Hurrah !!! Just installed ad block extension on Edge and those annoying orange ads are all gone !!

Anya Sat 10-Dec-16 13:14:24

I like Safari, but I use whatever's offered.

tanith Sat 10-Dec-16 13:55:43

jillyco thanks for those instructions I was struggling now I'm clear of most adverts..

Charleygirl Sat 10-Dec-16 14:06:26

All gone, thanks Firefox. I was getting fed up of reading about Wiltshire frozen food.