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Morgana Mon 02-Jan-17 15:27:08

Has anyone tried the COT I Marsh system?

Auntieflo Mon 02-Jan-17 16:14:27

Could you please explain, I don't know what that is.

hildajenniJ Mon 02-Jan-17 16:29:54

I think this is what Morgana is referring to

Jayanna9040 Mon 02-Jan-17 19:01:47

Seems to involve spending a bucket load of money on various potions and pills, supplied only by this company........

nigglynellie Mon 02-Jan-17 19:58:43

Arthritis? pudding spoonful of cider vinegar with honey (for a sweetener) works wonders!

nigglynellie Mon 02-Jan-17 20:00:47

Should have said pudding spoonful daily!

Ginny42 Mon 02-Jan-17 23:28:08

I don't know about de Coti-Marsh's system but I know that when I cut out certain foods, e.g. corn and the deadly nightshade family, i.e. potatoes and tomatoes, my aches disappear.

Jane10 Tue 03-Jan-17 06:46:26

Gosh Ginny that's interesting. Must check that out.

Jayanna9040 Tue 03-Jan-17 08:51:42

Arthritis Research Uk is a good place to start. The nightshade family is week researched as a trigger for arthritis pain. Whether cutting it out actually does anything about the underlying cause is up for debate I believe.