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Donating granchildrens toys

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Jeannie59 Sun 19-Feb-17 17:19:55

I have 4 DGC,2 aged 23 and 21 living in San Diego California and 2 aged 7 and 3 in The Gold Coast Australia.
The 7 year old has been over to visit a few times with her mum, my DD, but not for a few years as my youngest granddaughter came along.
Anyway I had a lot of toys books games and craft things sitting in the loft.
I spoke to my DD whilst I visited her in Oz and I said to her they are just sitting in the loft doing nothing, so we agreed I should try to sell it all. But I then decided to look for a charity that takes toys ect for children who have nothing.
I have now sorted and Packed it up to give it to the Rotary Club, I know some people who are members.
I know some children will get some joy out of it, but I couldn't help feeling sad and cried a little.
I find it so difficult to be separated from my DGC
and it has happened to me twice, but I know I am not the only one.
would anyone else in this position, keep the memories in the loft, sell or donate to children who have nothing?
I know I have done the right thing, but feel still feel sad.

tanith Sun 19-Feb-17 17:29:56

You are allowed to feel sad Jeannie59 but I think you are doing the right thing to let other children benefit. One of my grandsons lives abroad so I do understand how you feel. Pat yourself on the back for putting them to good use.

silverlining48 Sun 19-Feb-17 17:31:25

If your daughter gave her blessing i think you have done the right thing, though being overly sentimental and a bit of a hoarder myself know how hard that is. I may have put a couple of small things aside. ....
I am sorry your grandchildren are so far away. It must be hard though at least we now have facetime etc so it is easier to keep in better touch, but yes, i am sure you, like most of us perhaos, woukd prefer them to be closer but our children have the world to choose from and many choose to move away, as my daughter did too 10 years ago now.
I am sure the rotary will find good homes for the toys and your loft will be clearer.