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'adopt a grandparent' locally

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mumofmadboys Tue 02-May-17 23:22:18

In this day and age this seems a risky plan I'm afraid. Previously this request has been made. Isn't it best to get to know neighbours or people at church or the allotment and let natural friendships develop and see where they lead?

Durannie Tue 02-May-17 23:16:35

Not sure whether this is allowed, but I'd love for our three children to have the opportunity to engage with a 'grandparent' figure on a regular basis as this is not something we can provide. Myself and my husband are fortunate enough to be able to provide quality time with our young family, but we feel they miss out on the benefits of engaging with an older 'family member'. We live in Nottinghamshire and would love to 'adopt a grandparent/ grandparents' if there are any persons out there who would equally welcome such a partnership ... or if anyone could advise us as to an agency which would be able to assist with this aim ... many thanks x