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strapless bras

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ggmarion Thu 04-May-17 17:55:07

I am going on holiday soon and need a strapless bra to wear under vest tops during the day. Is there any such thing as a strapless, comfortable bra that gives a good shape?

Cherrytree59 Thu 04-May-17 18:24:28

I have tried strapless bra in the past,
I find them OK if only going to be worn short time.
Evening dress or wedding etc .

For holidays I discovered diamante style straps.
I buy bras that have removable straps & then replace the bra straps with slim diamante straps.
Various styles available
Even when wearing spaghetti strap vest tops they look nice.

Tallulah57 Thu 04-May-17 19:15:44

What a good idea Cherrytree59 where can you purchase the diamante straps from?

aggie Thu 04-May-17 19:17:28

It takes my sturdy straps to stop me tripping on my boobs , so I can't help confused

shysal Thu 04-May-17 19:30:16

Transparent straps are also available. I have never found a comfortable strapless bra, so hook some of these on. I prefer to buy tops with wider straps these days so that I can wear my normal bras.
Enjoy your holiday! sunshine

stillaliveandkicking Thu 04-May-17 20:13:47

I have a fair pair too and have never been able to wear this sort of bra. They look weird even on smaller breasted women. Invisible straps is probably the way to go.

JackyB Thu 04-May-17 21:15:33

Probably too hot for the summer, but with big boobs, the only way is to have a bra with a supporting corsetty type thing, that is, with a wider band underneath the cups. There's a picture here of the sort of thing I mean:

Cherrytree59 Thu 04-May-17 21:55:46

Tallulah I have had mine for ages
so I can't remember where from.
But I've looked on Amazon and there are loads to choose from.
Also on Google it coming up with Ann Summer
hope that helps
Sorry I haven't mastered links blush

Nelliemoser Thu 04-May-17 23:58:14

I have memories of being dragged off to John Lewis one Sunday morning by my then 14yr old daughter who really wanted a strapless, push up bra. She was then a 32DD. The assistants tried very hard to get one that would fit her but she just had to admit defeat. My daughters proportions were not suitable.

Tallulah57 Fri 05-May-17 21:39:06

Thank you Cherrytree59

Katek Fri 05-May-17 22:56:38

You can buy strappy vest tops with built in bras from a few companies now - try Kaleidoscope or Bravissimo. Totally solves the bra strap problem

grannypiper Sat 06-May-17 08:02:29

I tried every shop going for a good strapless bra and after spending a small fortune i bought one from peacocks that had removable straps for £5 and it is fantastic, i went back and bought one in every colour they had and 3 years on they are still doing a great job considering the weight they have had to carry around

Welshwife Sat 06-May-17 09:05:12

DGD wears sticky things when she has a dress which reveals the back of a bra - seem to work on her OK but she is very slim - mid 20s - she has shown me how they work but I can't remember now. She doesn't tend to wear strapless tops.

I sometimes find that even vest tops show bra straps as the line of the vest is incorrectly positioned for the straps.