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Those little socklets you wear in shoes

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sweetpea Sat 15-Jul-17 17:18:01

Not sure what to call them, but can anyone recommend a brand that does NOT keep pinging off when you wear them! I have size 7 feet and have tried M and S, Tesco and bamboo but they all appear useless. Help! 😬

Nanabilly Sat 15-Jul-17 17:25:36

I buy my husband's in tkmaxx .They are NIKE ones. They do seem to shrink though and I don't use a tumbler.

Grannyknot Sat 15-Jul-17 17:48:32

Sorry can't help, I've never had any luck with those. My daughter calls them "not-so-secret-socks" - she finds it hugely amusing that they're often "hiding in plain sight". smile

rosesarered Sat 15-Jul-17 17:48:43

I have given up with them, they are so tight that they can't do the feet any good.

Ana Sat 15-Jul-17 17:51:40

Grannyknot, I agree with your daughter. The times I've walked behind a young business-type woman wearing those socks with high heels - so obvious!

harrigran Sat 15-Jul-17 17:56:42

Trainer socks, I have worn just about every brand and they stay put just fine. DH has tried wearing them and they creep under his heels, maybe it depends on how tight you lace your trainers as to how well they stay put.

rosesarered Sat 15-Jul-17 18:11:20

Or, how high your arches are, my feet are pretty flat, so socks creep off easily!
Naughty things.

hildajenniJ Sat 15-Jul-17 19:39:21

I hate trainer socks. They always end up in a lump at my toes. I tend to go sockless in warm weather.

Nannarose Sat 15-Jul-17 21:26:35

Try uktights, they have a fantastic range

willsmadnan Sat 15-Jul-17 21:46:09

I wear cotton trainer socks under trainers, and I like them because they they seem to protect my toes, absorb sweat, and don't show. The toe protector type,like tights or knee socks are a bit of a pain... they seem to scrunch my toes up, and as I have a bunion on one foot they are difficult to put on and invariably 'ping off' at some point during the day and end up in an uncomfortable roll under my arch. DD seems to get on with them ok...must be a age related thing!

Jalima1108 Sat 15-Jul-17 21:59:36

The best ones I bought were from Lidl; however, I don't like them very much, I just dislike them the least!
I find they squash my toes and, no matter how careful you are, they tend to show.

I bought little 'trainer socks' from various places, M&S were useless, too low in the heel, the best were Tesco's cheapest ones.

Eloethan Sat 15-Jul-17 22:05:00

sweetpea I gave up on them for the same reason as you - they kept slipping off.

BlueBelle Sun 16-Jul-17 07:00:19

I wear trainer socks all the time in the summer love them and never have had them come off so maybe it's the shape of peoples feet I buy them from wherever I see them when needed Asda, Peacocks, market so no expensive ones They re usually about five pairs for 3.99 or something similar

kittylester Sun 16-Jul-17 07:51:11

I had rhat problem with proper socks too and then bought some Joules vamboo one which have been fabulous.

shysal Sun 16-Jul-17 11:05:10

sweetpea, the only 'invisible' socks I can wear are those by Pringle. I wear them every day with my Skechers slip-ons. They have silicone around the inside and at the heels so they don't budge all day! They fit size 4-8 so should be OK for you. They are getting more difficult to obtain so I have a large stock pile!

Flossieturner Sun 16-Jul-17 17:50:56

H&M do packs for £5. They seem good. I have skinny feet and they stay on

sweetpea Tue 18-Jul-17 15:33:19

Thank you all for your responses! It would appear we all have the same problem one way it another.