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Rexdog12 Thu 03-Aug-17 23:19:37

I volunteer with our local Age UK nail cutting service, and cut the nails of older people. Its a simple service for healthy feet, but for those who either have sight difficulties, problems with grip or just can't reach down to take care of their own feet. Age UK charge £12 per treatment in our area, they cut and file toenails and file hard skin on feet, then moisturise with quick foot rub. They charge £15 for the kit a one off cost for the clippers and file, which people bring with them each time. There is no home service offered by Age UK and recently I decided to set one up after seeing a course advertised to do just that. I have just completed the training course to offer the exact same service to older and less able people in our area. I'm trying to decide what to charge per home visit, which will take about half an hour. I've got a car and would drive to them. My question is, what would you pay to get your nails cut at home for yourself or a family member? It's not chiropody, no corns, verrucas or ingrown nails. Just a basic foot care service. I'm trying to get a feel for what people will pay before I spend on advertising. Thanks all for your advice

Nana3 Thu 03-Aug-17 23:47:43

I pay £13 for my mum to have her toe nails cut. She is in a care home.

Chewbacca Fri 04-Aug-17 00:07:05

My OH visits a chiropodist once a month, just to have his nails cut and he pays £22.

Nanabilly Fri 04-Aug-17 02:59:07

My mil used to pay £5 for a chiropodist to do hers in the care home but he could charge that low price because he used to do a lot of people in the one visit. My mum on the other hand used to have one come to her home and he charged £25 but did do her ingrowing toenail . Both a few years ago now.
I used to hate seeing the old folks in the care homes feet ,some of them has terrible overgrown nails as not all of them has family visitors and people to pay for it to be done and the care home would not pay it .also some of them would not them touch their feet. Mil refused a few times too and her feet got terrible more than once so it's a much needed service and you should do well .Are you going to have "area days" so you don't have to do too much travelling between clients or go to care homes or community centres or gp surgeries. My dil has a vet to her horse who does "area days" for equine dental care and innoculations and worming treatment so he can charge less .
Good luck with it I hope you do well but I have no idea what you should charge . Different areas seem to have different prices. I suppose it depends on if you are in an affluent area or a very working class one. Myself I would feel that £15 is comfortable for basic nail and foot care.

Rexdog12 Fri 04-Aug-17 06:54:51

Hi thanks for replies so far. I agree that in a care home where more are treated, the cost could be lower. I will try to book same area on same day. I don't want to overcharge but need to make an income. I was thinking about £15 for a home visit, and a discount for couples,about £25 for both, or maybe 10 per cent off , so £13.50 for care homes?

jusnoneed Fri 04-Aug-17 08:19:31

An elderly lady I help out has a home visit from a chiropodist which she pays £25 for. She has had problems in the past with ingrowing nails, so is glad to have that kept under control.

Teetime Fri 04-Aug-17 09:20:42

I pay £27 for my chiropody visit. She told me she is inundated with new patients as the local NHS service has stopped treating uncomplicated 'well' diabetic patients. More privatisation of the NHS by stealth.

Charleygirl Fri 04-Aug-17 09:29:20

I paid once for somebody to visit my home. He was a trained podiatrist, charged £28, was here less than 10 minutes and I ended up with a bleeding toe.

For the service you are providing I think £15-£18 is reasonable.

Oriel Fri 04-Aug-17 09:30:51

Perhaps you need to break everything down to work out exactly what it will cost you.. I guess not all customers would have their own equipment and lotions etc?

Also try to find out what others are charging. I personally think that £15 is far too low for a home visit. You have to factor in the travel to/from the visit, the time spent travelling, fuel, wear and tear on your car, the time you are carrying out the treatment, lotions, equipment, etc. I think £25 - £30 for single person with a discount for more than one.

Can you carry out treatments at Darby and Jones clubs or similar?

midgey Fri 04-Aug-17 10:38:58

It depends on whether you wish to make a large profit or just cover your costs, and who you offer the service to. £30is a huge amount of money to lots of people. But I understand totally that you must cover your costs.

glammanana Fri 04-Aug-17 12:01:50

When I was working full time (finished work Feb 2017) I used to visit our local lady at her foot clinic every 6 weeks because I couldn't use clippers or files due to my accident with my right shoulder she cut my nails and buffed them and applied massaging cream CCS I think and for the 20mins I was there the charge was £28.00 I now go to our local Community Centre every 4/6 weeks and pay just £12.50 for the same treatment and time spent.

chelseababy Fri 04-Aug-17 13:24:06

My mum has a lady who does her fingers and toes for £20.00 and she is happy with that. She has trouble cuttjng/ filing her own finger nails. The chiropodist charges £25 just for feet.

Rexdog12 Fri 04-Aug-17 22:27:21

Hi everyone , great to get feedback. I've only done a couple of bookings so far. I want to know v what people will pay as you don't see too many advertising home visits like this and I want to get some leaflets printed. I don't want to send tons of leaflets out with prices I'm unhappy with. Btw i take everything with me including the clippers and foot file in a little case which I clean after use with medical wipes. The kit is left with them for any rebooks. If they don't rebook they keep the kit anyway. It costs me £6 to provide this, so charging £15 I only make £9 I first visit, but I want to attract customers and then hope they are so pleased that they keep booking and will recommend me to be others. But also I don't want to do myself down. I've had to pay for the course, dbs, insurance, first aid course, advertising, the actual kit, and cost of my car to get to spots. I know it will take a while to get this all back but I must have bookings to get anywhere and I feel price is key, which is why I'm asking around for opinions. 👣

Oriel Fri 04-Aug-17 22:53:33

Going by what you've said I would think you'd have to charge at minimum of £25 per visit and even then you're not going to make much profit. You'll have to get a lot of bookings just to pay for your initial costs (training, insurance, etc) before you make any profit. You'll obviously have to sort your pricing out asap or folk will think you've put them up.

Just a thought... rather than paying to have leaflets printed can you do some yourself on your PC on say, PowerPoint? You could get a few laminated to place in post offices, day care centres, etc.

Charleygirl Sat 05-Aug-17 18:22:26

I think that you should charge whatever for the first visit but add on the cost of the kit. I do not think that should come out of your earnings for the first visit.

Perhaps you should re- think only cleaning with medical wipes because if there is eg a fungal infection that will not remove the bacteria.

PamelaJ1 Sat 05-Aug-17 19:06:05

I am a beauty therapist and I charge £23 for a full pedicure including polish (20 without) This would take me an hour and they come to me. I work from home now but have a fully equipped room with sterilising equipment etc.
I do go out to a couple of clients now they don't drive. What a palaver! It takes me twice as long and the 'set-up' is never good, lighting, and seating to name 2 things. if they were to pay a proper rate taking into account my time and petrol I should be charging them about £35. Course that doesn't happen but I do like them very much and have been treating them for 30 years.
You Are doing a shorter treatment but your time has a value. Either up your game with the sterilising and invest in excellent implements or charge clients separately for the implements you use. I pay at least £30 for my nail clippers, can't bear working with rubbish . Sorry but £6 sounds like rubbish.
If you sell yourself cheap you will regret it. Give an excellent service and charge properly.

PamelaJ1 Sat 05-Aug-17 19:07:43

Sorry forgot to say, I am in Norfolk, so my price reflects this, in a lot of places the charge would be more.

Rexdog12 Sat 05-Aug-17 22:33:41

Thanks all for feedback. Oriel, good idea with posters. Charley, I only cut nails for those with healthy feet, if they have fungal feet, I refer them to podiatry. Pamela, I am contracted to a local authority after my training who dictate the kit I use. However I'm currently doing a fhp diploma, so later on I will change my insurance and choose my own equipment. But thanks all for useful views x