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Vegetarian meals for grandson.

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hildajenniJ Sat 12-Aug-17 13:48:41

Dear Vegetarian ladies, could you please help me out. My grandson age 7 is coming for a sleepover. I need to feed him! He has autism, is lactose intolerant and has limited his diet quite severely. He won't eat tomato sauce on pasta, so that's out. I'm planning on making scotch pancakes for dessert, but what to make for a main course is making my head ache. Help.

durhamjen Sat 12-Aug-17 13:58:53

My grandson was like that at that age. It does get better.
The reason his diet was so restricted was because no food would be allowed to touch another food.
My grandson counted pizza as a single food, but it had to be Dr Oetke's mozzarella; no help to lactose intolerance, though.
Does he like baked beans?
Can't he have pasta without tomato sauce?
Lots of salad vegetables in separate bowls?
Peas? Chickpeas? They are both protein foods.
Hummus with crudites and bread sticks?
Vegan sausages?

Norah Sat 12-Aug-17 14:16:12

Veg curry. Egg fry. Jacket potato with filling choices. Beans. Risotto. Humus and breads. Veg soup. Pasta with pesto.

hildajenniJ Sat 12-Aug-17 14:24:14

I know he'll eat pasta with peas and dairy free flora margarine. He also likes chips, but we had those yesterday. I might make lentil soup because I know he will eat lentils. I lack imagination, although I'm quite an adventurous cook.

durhamjen Sat 12-Aug-17 14:24:55

Hilda, how have you managed to get to seven years without him having a sleepover, or at least a meal at your house?

durhamjen Sat 12-Aug-17 14:29:18

I have my grandson and his sister staying tonight. She is ten and has decided she is vegan.
She has only just started eating her pasta with tomato sauce on it. I have lots of vegan cheeses in. There is a very nice one that grates like Parmesan, that they all like.
Do you have a Holland and Barrett where you live?

varian Sat 12-Aug-17 14:58:48

Some of my family are vegans because one of my grandchildren has serious alllergies. I like cooking and normally cook from scratch but there are some convenience foods which they like.

When you look in the meat-free section avoid anything with quorn in it as that generally includes eggwhites. Vegan sausages are popular, but small children tend not to like too many herbs and spices or "mixed up" unfamiliar food.

How about vegan sausage rolls with chips, baked beans and cabbage (or broccolli or spinach)?

hildajenniJ Sat 12-Aug-17 15:12:11

dj, They've only just moved back to live near us. They lived in Scotland for over five years. Z is really excited to be having his first sleepover at Grannie's house! Thanks for all the ideas everyone, but I think I've cracked it. I'm making coconut sugar buns (not as tooth decaying as they sound). I've got peanut butter and different jams to put in them once they are baked. DD tells me that he had a really good lunch, so will probably only want snack type good for supper.

hildajenniJ Sat 12-Aug-17 15:13:00

Food, not good!

durhamjen Sat 12-Aug-17 15:23:55

Exciting for you, as well.

My daughter in law makes delicious meringues using the liquid from canned chickpeas! No eggs. Just in case he needs a sugar rush.

varian Sat 12-Aug-17 15:44:54

I won't mention any brand names as GNHQ might not approve but you should also be able to find vegan ice cream (vanilla or raspberry) , fruit yoghurts made from soya milk and vanilla, chocolate or caramel soya custard puddings. You can also get soya cream. Coconut milk and coconut cream are useful for sauces.

If you are going to make pancakes, of course without eggs, the easiest recipe is soya milk and self-raising flower, nothing else, just mixed to a runny cream and cooked with a little sunflower oil or vegan margerine. These can be filled with fruit or vegetables (I found mushrooms most popular), then if you like you can fold them over and pop in the oven to crisp up. (a bit like the crispy pancakes my children liked in the 1970s)

Young children often have very conservative tastes. They like what they know. Have you asked his Mum what his favorites are and what he really doesn't like?

Devorgilla Sat 12-Aug-17 15:54:32

I have a grandson with autism and he was very picky with what he would eat. I think they don't like the feel of some foods in their mouth. Seek the advice of the parents and feed him what you know he will like and eat even if no-one else is having the same, and even if he had it yesterday. They are a law unto themselves. It is only in the last couple of years my grandson has ventured beyond a limited number of foods. He is healthy though which is the main thing.

durhamjen Sat 12-Aug-17 15:57:10

Exactly, Devorgilla.
My grandson runs 10ks, so he can't be unhealthy despite being very choosy over the foods he eats.

varian Sat 12-Aug-17 16:02:43

If he's staying overnight, make sure you have soya milk or almond milk to put of his breakfast cereal (and check out the cereal by reading the ingredients). If you don't make your own bread, buy a sliced loaf for toast so you can check the indregients on the wrapper. You might also want to check you have some vegan margerine as some margerine contains milk. At least there should be no problem with fruit and fruit juices.

I hope all goes well and you have a fun time together.

varian Sat 12-Aug-17 16:06:22

My vegan grandchildren have so much energy, it makes me exhausted even watching them - they're certainly not suffering from the lack of nutrients. Perhaps that is because their Mum has become very knowledgeable about nutrition. There's more to a vegan diet than just avoiding animal products.

Devorgilla Sat 12-Aug-17 17:47:31

I hope you have sorted your menu for him and have a lovely time with him. BTW don't get upset if he doesn't eat the treats you have made for him. Children with autism don't always play by the etiquette rules and resist all efforts to try anything new until they are ready.

hildajenniJ Sat 12-Aug-17 17:48:04

Well, he's been here for a couple of hours. He's already had two Alpro yoghurts, a punnet of blueberries and two rice cakes! The coconut milk sugar buns that we made are baked and cooling and look delicious. He's already chosen the one he wants to eat and has asked if he can take some home tomorrow for mummy and his sister and two brothers. He doesn't want pancakes so we won't bother with those.

varian Sat 12-Aug-17 19:10:45

Well done, hildajenni. I hope your vegan grandson will really appreciate the effort you've made and will want to come back to Granny's house again soon.

Devorgilla Sat 12-Aug-17 21:13:48

Sounds like you nailed it. Well done.