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grannyqueenie Sun 13-Aug-17 22:11:17

My gd had a nice one called Zaza's baby brother, about a zebra who has a new sibling who takes up lots of everyone's attention!

Devorgilla Sun 13-Aug-17 19:45:52

One we, or our daughters, used was called 'There's a House inside my Mummy' - Orchard Picture books by Giles Andreae, illustrated by Vanessa Cabban. A lovely little poem about the arrival of a new baby. Can't remember if there was a bit about hitting sibling on the nose.

cornergran Sun 13-Aug-17 18:31:02

There are a lot out there, Heather. Our lot liked Rachel Fuller, there's 'waiting for baby' and 'my new baby'. Can't remember the rest, four all together I think. Not straightforward stories, though, each page has questions to talk about with the child. As for the big sibling, a sister in our case, she liked the 'I'm the big sister' tee shirt the best smile.

Moneyboss Sun 13-Aug-17 18:04:30

You could look on website called `wordery`, they seem to have a few books to choose from. I've never used them though. I just did a Google search.

Heather23 Sun 13-Aug-17 10:02:58

Hi Grans
Can anyone recommend an age-appropriate book for a 2 year old to prepare him for arrival of new baby? We had one when expecting our second (still have it, the book that is!) involving new baby punching older sibling on the nose - have decided not to introduce that idea!! Any suggestions welcome please - time running out - we do of course talk about the new baby but a book might help him visualise it better.
Many thanks