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DH gets a bike....any safety issues?

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grannysue05 Mon 04-Sep-17 16:27:04

A few weeks ago DH decided to become fitter (he is 74 years old).
Went off to Halfords and returned with a BIKE!
Admittedly its a bike with a small motor on the gears to help him up hills, but it is still a bike.
He was a cyclist as a teenager, but stopped when he got his first car.
I watched him pedal off down our road wearing a newly aquired hi-vis jacket, and he didn't wobble.
We live near a very busy main road, and now I am worrying that he might come across a motorist who hates cyclists.
Does anybody have experience, or any safety hints. (Apart from - stay off the bike!)

Madgran77 Mon 04-Sep-17 16:30:33

A lot of local authorities offer free 2 hour cycling sessions ...a refresher on best practice and traffic safety would be a good idea!

mumofmadboys Mon 04-Sep-17 16:32:42

Has he bought a helmet? Essential.

M0nica Mon 04-Sep-17 16:59:50

Please get him to wear a helmet. My sister died when a slow moving lorry nudged her bicycle wheel and she toppled over and hit her head on the kerb. She was not wearing a helmet.

It was on her journey to work that she had cycled for over 10 years without incident. The road was a quiet suburban backwater.

Norah Mon 04-Sep-17 17:14:38

A helmet. Reflectives on shoes, clothing, and helmet. A cycle safety class. Riding in less traffic times. Avoiding the sun at bad angles to visibility.

grannysue05 Tue 05-Sep-17 10:28:06

Thank you everyone.
Been to take GS to his junior school and guess what ...they are having a cycle proficiency day next week...Grandad invited to join!
He is now off to Halfords for the helmet. now turned maybe he will put off the first trip for a while.

grannysyb Tue 05-Sep-17 11:00:49

Please get lights and reflective clothing, saw two stupid boys nearly killed by driver last night. No lights, black bikes, dark clothing, and riding through red lights. I yelled at them get some lights! Would have been their fault if they were injured or killed.

MiniMouse Tue 05-Sep-17 11:45:18

Yes, definitely LIGHTS!! My OH drives in and around a student town where there are loads of cyclists and hardly any of them use lights. He sees so many near misses, when drivers haven't seen the cyclists, especially once the days start drawing in.