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Booking an Uber taxi

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granfromafar Thu 07-Sep-17 12:13:26

I am new to this so wondered if anyone can advise. Need to book a taxi for tomorrow. Son helpfully downloaded the Uber app on my phone and have been trying unsuccessfully to book a scheduled trip. Can see how to book a taxi for now, but the 'scheduled option' with a clock doesn't appear anywhere. Now I could wait till tomorrow and do it just before I need it, but prefer to be organised ahead. I have been playing around with it, watched youtube videos and googled it but to no avail. They all just say 'click on scheduled trip'. I am determined to do and will not let it defeat me!! I have spent so long on it and just keep going round in circles. At one point I did actually find how to do it but for some reason didn't finish putting in the date and time, etc and now can't find it again! Technology....GRRRRR!

Grannyknot Thu 07-Sep-17 13:30:31

Hi, as far as I know you can't book Uber way ahead of time? Maybe that's why. Good luck.

Humbertbear Thu 07-Sep-17 13:32:27

The whole point of Uber is you book when you want to travel. The price varies according to how busy they are at the time and there might not be a car available when you want it. We have stuck to our local mini cab firm who have dropped their prices in competition with Uber

JackyB Thu 07-Sep-17 14:05:45

Yes - I've never used Uber (it hasn't really caught on in Germany) but in that case I would use the phone and speak to a local taxi company.

granfromafar Thu 07-Sep-17 14:40:29

You can definitely book up to 30 days in advance in many places, including London, which is where we need the taxi.
Thanks for replies anyway and will book it somehow.

Primrose65 Thu 07-Sep-17 15:25:58

I've never had to wait more than 3-4 minutes for an Uber in London and I've used them for years. It looks like scheduling the ride means you choose a 15-minute time slot - I suspect it's faster to just get one when you need it.
Maybe use Addison Lee instead? You can just phone them and book a car - much easier than spending hours going round in circles just to wait 15 minutes for an Uber!

GrandmaMoira Thu 07-Sep-17 19:40:11

I've never used Uber but if you know a reliable local mini cab firm you can phone and pre book which seems easier. Addison Lee are good but expensive. I'm in London but being in suburbs out of the area of black cabs I wouldn't get a cab in 3-4 minutes as Primrose says.

granfromafar Tue 12-Sep-17 17:16:38

Just to let anyone interested know that I worked out how to book the taxi in advance in the end. I successfully booked taxis to and from the airport, and had a great weekend with DS in Antwerp in between! The taxi arrived promptly both times. The taxi-driver today was a very chatty and funny Romanian chap who spoke perfect English, and dispelled my preconceived opinion of Romanian immigrants.