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Elrel Fri 08-Sep-17 17:29:47

I recently enjoyed two separate days out with old friends. I am unlikely to see them for at least several months. In both cases I was taken out for a lovely meal and not expected to pay for my self. Now I want to send a little note with a postable gift and would welcome suggestions. Gift tokens don't seem quite right.
About £12 would be right, more would embarrass I think. They are in their 70s, in one case a couple with a lovely garden, not especially big but beautifully kept and colourful. They might like some special biscuits. The other friend is a single woman, well travelled with bright original taste in furnishings, I wondered about a cd or book for her.
All ideas welcome!

PamelaJ1 Fri 08-Sep-17 17:40:23

A lot of on line companies are small businesses. I'm sure they would be happy to include a note from you with the gift. Then you could send just about anything from smoked salmon to plants. My DD in Australia is always sending fruit trees to my husband. Well she was, we have 6 now so have called a halt. I'd always love some nice plant supports.

aggie Fri 08-Sep-17 17:44:47

to suggest flowers , but they have got very expensive , I think a pretty thank you card with a note of appreciation would be nice

BBbevan Fri 08-Sep-17 20:34:45

There is a small company called ,I think, Scilly Flowers, based on St. Martins. I have used them several times and the flowers they send are lovely and the price quite reasonable.
Everyone likes flowers. They also include a card with your message.

MargaretX Fri 08-Sep-17 21:29:03

Yes! Flowers. they are always welcome.

Eloethan Fri 08-Sep-17 22:14:33

I think a plant is a good idea too.

Elrel Sat 09-Sep-17 00:40:19

Thanks for responses! Flowers probably are the way to go as long as I phone to check they're not going away!

rizlett Sat 09-Sep-17 09:20:36

have a look on

or hotel

obag Sat 09-Sep-17 09:20:44

I always love a nice hand cream, not too expensive and easy to post if well wrapped. I think nice hand cream is a little luxury we tend not buy for ourselves.

rizlett Sat 09-Sep-17 09:21:34

these flowers are good too - and you don't even have to be in!

JanaNana Sat 09-Sep-17 09:24:28

There is a company called Not On The High Street...they do all sorts of little gifts a lot of them made by small independent businesses so some quite different and unusual. Not sure if they offer a direct gift service but would be worth asking if you saw something that interested you.

petalmoore Sat 09-Sep-17 09:25:18

BBevan, I can second all of that - Scilly flowers are lovely and the ordering process works like a dream. I often send them, and have often received them too. They specialise in narcissi and pinks, both of which are beautifully scented and last very well.

morningdew Sat 09-Sep-17 10:00:23

Have a look on Bettys website or Bothams of Whitby which is fantastic food all are on-line delivery

Lindylo Sat 09-Sep-17 10:09:42

It really is a lovely surprise to receive unexpected flowers or if they are not flower lovers how about a pretty scarf?

Youngeil Sat 09-Sep-17 10:18:48

Try Flowercards - they send small flower arrangements inside a thank you card. You can choose the flowers, from a selection. Arrangements are small but I think good value, have sent them a number of times with much appreciation by the recipients. They last well, are delivered in a box by a very efficient company

Daisynance123 Sat 09-Sep-17 11:51:58

Flowers are of course lovely but a lovely bouquet is expensive.
If you know their taste, I think it's lovely to buy a luxury food item.
A friend of mine loves smoked ell so I have some sent from a specialist smokery in Devon.
Another is partial to an expensive coffee bean. Yet another to a particular,expensive cheese.
All of these items are less than £12 but not the sort of things we tend to buy for ourselves.
Personally I'd fall at the feet of anyone who bought me a jar of pickled walnuts!!

quEEEniE Sat 09-Sep-17 12:08:30

look at bakers days on the internet l have sent 4 letter box cakes and the 4 receivers were delighted with their cake.

What could be nicer than a thank cake

Diggingdoris Sat 09-Sep-17 12:32:24

It's bulb planting time so a packet of something they can plant and think of you when they flower would be nice. If you look at the names of some flowers you might find something that ties in with friendship. I did this for a friend who was moving many miles away. I bought her some 'Cheerfulness' narcissi to remind her of the fun times we'd had. One packet shouldn't be too costly to send in the post.

grandMattie Sat 09-Sep-17 12:38:46

Do you make jams/pickles? I have found those always to be very welcome - and a nice personal touch.

Ronnie Sat 09-Sep-17 18:58:54

Gift vouchers
are easy for posting , for your garden loving friends, National garden centre vouchers are available & of course bookers for your other friend. Although bulbs would be a splendid idea too.

Elrel Sat 09-Sep-17 19:08:14

Some more very helpful ideas, many thanks. 💐

lilihu Sun 10-Sep-17 22:50:16

There’s a site called Biscuiteers –
They specialise in novelty but quality iced biscuits for gifts & occasions. Quite pricey but they do a thank-you card made out of biscuits for £9.
There’s a £5 discount code available if you sign up for their newsletters at - Which may cover the delivery costs.

Steve05 Mon 27-Aug-18 15:43:20

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muffinthemoo Mon 27-Aug-18 15:45:36

Big fan of Biscuiteers!!

Telly Mon 27-Aug-18 17:24:53

Lots of great ideas here, I am going to make a note!