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30 year anniversary present

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Outtawork Sat 09-Sep-17 21:01:14

Hi all, l have invited to a 30th wedding anniversary party & would like to get a gift, absolutely no idea what to get them.
please help

Jomarie Sat 09-Sep-17 22:02:04

Accept the invite and take yourself and a bottle of champagne!! Always well received at a celebration.

Humbertbear Sun 10-Sep-17 08:41:45

We are planning our 50th anniversary party and have made it clear that no presents are required suggesting donations to the local hospice if people wish. We did the same for our 25th and 30th. If you really want to give your friends something how about a voucher for a meal, theatre or cinema?

Outtawork Sun 10-Sep-17 09:36:49

That is a great idea, thank you