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Ads appearing in my hotmail inbox

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humptydumpty Sun 18-Feb-18 19:09:23

My experience too Bathsheba. Have had my Hotmail a/c for years, never had this til recently. I can delete by clicking on the dustbin symbol next to the email header but was wondering really if there's any way they can be stopped from appearing sad

Bathsheba Sat 17-Feb-18 22:36:29

These ads have just started appearing in my hotmail account Milly - for the first time today sad. But it is possible to remove them, using a drop down menu to the right of the ad.

MillyG Sat 17-Feb-18 20:12:34

Ah, sorry I can’t help then, not something I’ve experienced. I have a hotmail account, well it’s now Outlook these days, and haven’t ever had ads such as you describe Bathsheba. I’ve had the account for years, it’s my main one, and also have a bt internet email account- no ads in the inbox there either.
Maybe switch to another email provider? Hope you can sort something out, it must be really annoying.

Bathsheba Sat 17-Feb-18 18:14:19

MillyG they're not ads in the sidebar, which can be blocked by an ad-blocker. These are ads appearing actually in the inbox - and no, they're not emails, so they don't get treated like spam. They're adverts, placed there by the email provider and you can't block them. All I've been able to do is remove them. I have more than one email account and in one account I can't even remove them!

MillyG Sat 17-Feb-18 17:36:02

Hi Humpty, the number of ads can be reduced by use of an ad-blocker, but junk emails ought to be going in your junk folder, I’d’ve thought. Blocking the sender should work. Good luck!

humptydumpty Fri 16-Feb-18 15:56:11

Hi folks, I've noticed this week that I'm now getting an ad email at the top of my hotmail inbox whenever I open it. Apart obviously from deleting it, is there any way to stop these ads appearing?