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hildajenniJ Thu 28-Jun-18 15:27:57

I'm going on holiday in August and need a new black bra. I would go and be measured professionally, but the store I used to go to has recently closed. I'm not going back to M&S as they measured me wrong the last time.
So, I've measured myself at a 36 C cup.
I went online to find out how to do it, and followed the instructions given by Triumph.
My question is, do you think it will be accurate?
Have any of you managed to measure yourselves accurately?
Any help would be appreciated.

pen50 Fri 29-Jun-18 10:08:27

I recommend this:

Took me up a couple of cup sizes, down a band size, and made my life much better!

lollee Fri 29-Jun-18 10:09:43

I guess you can never be sure if the person who measures will get it right. I have only been brave enough to do it once and was then talked into a bra that cost over £30!
The cups were baggy though it did fit around my back quite well. Lucky for me they took it back.

GabriellaG Fri 29-Jun-18 10:15:22

Why not go to any other store to be fitted?
There is no way that a 36C in every style and brand, will fit correctly and of course a 36C will differ depending on whether your boobs have fed a passel of kids or whether they better resemble the perky type seen on many under 25s.
You'd be better off trying on several brands and styles in store. grin

purplepansyem Fri 29-Jun-18 10:26:32

I once had a long chat with a lady who measured me in House of Fraser. She explained the way a bra should sit on the body, how to correctly put the bra on and how to 'pull' the breasts into the cups etc. She also told me that different makes and styles of bras will fit differently and the only way to find the perfect fitting bra is to get a good idea of your measurement and then try different sizes and styles. She said be prepared to spend a while in the changing room! Have a look on YouTube for videos on how to measure and fit a bra and then try on different styles and be flexible on the size you 'think' you are.

4allweknow Fri 29-Jun-18 10:37:39

Been measured in both independent anf department stores all coming up with the same size. However it's the bras that come up different. Cup sizes supposed to be the same vary a lot on differnt makes. Found one balcony style by Fantasie and have bought this for some time now. Not cheap though. M & S didn't work for me either.

winifred01 Fri 29-Jun-18 11:23:22

Do try Bravissimo, their ladies are so patient and will keep trying until you are happy. Lots of different makes available.

Jazzy1527 Fri 29-Jun-18 11:23:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GabriellaG Fri 29-Jun-18 11:25:14

IMO we're all being had.
I recently bought 2 bras from a local independent lingerie and swimwear 'boutique'. Cost? £153.70. YES...I was shocked too.
They were Prima Donna (as sold in Rigby&Peller)
On the same day I bought 3 Fantasie bras (different styles and slightly different sizes) in Debenhams (£28-£32) and 1 in M&S (£22)
All fitted beautifully after I was eyeballed for size.. fully clothed grin in all except M&S where I just bought off the rack.
Looking at the labels on my purchases plus others I own incl from Bravissimo, they are ALL made in Sri Lanka.
Same factory? Who knows. I doubt that each brand has their own factory which begs the question, 'Why such a disparity in the prices'.

caocao Fri 29-Jun-18 11:54:35

The main problem with Marks and Spencer is that the sizes on the labels of the actual bras mean nothing whatsoever. I have bras stating that they are anything from 34DD to 38F and all combinations in between - they all fit! Last time I bought bras in there I tried on about 30 before I found 2 that fitted me!!!

goldengirl Fri 29-Jun-18 11:56:06

I followed instructions from Miss Mary of Sweden and their bras fit beautifully

lesley4357 Fri 29-Jun-18 12:00:06

I'd always worn a 40 or 42c cup, but was measured properly and am actually 36ff. Agree M&S useless

Bellanonna Fri 29-Jun-18 12:03:59

phoenix and Monica. I’m actually really grateful, especially in this hot weather. ?

lesley4357 Fri 29-Jun-18 12:06:36

I buy my bras from a factory shop in Northants where they make the Fantasie and Freya bras. Women who do the measuring there are brilliant. I was shown how to put a bra on correctly, 'smooth' my boobs into the cups and pull the straps up about 3" ! Came away with perky boobs that weren't sitting atound my middle!

sandelf Fri 29-Jun-18 12:09:39

Just a suggestion - your measurements should be fine. If you're in their size range, Bodas stuff is pretty and last for ever. I ordered with them first as I have become little (30C) and not many do that size - but I stay with them as the quality is brilliant. You will think 'Ooh pricey' - but if they last for ever and are comfortable...?

Camelotclub Fri 29-Jun-18 12:13:41

All brands vary in size, esp. M&S. The more expensive ones are more generously cut.

I have a broad back and not huge boobs so need a 42B, but when I measure myself according to the instructions I'm a 40B - but if I buy a bra of this size it is too small.

gran5up Fri 29-Jun-18 12:14:56

I am all back and no bosom, find I can always get a good fit from Fashion World or J.D.Williams catalogue (was Fifty Plus). Order several for choice and try on in privacy and peace at home!

Nannyflo Fri 29-Jun-18 12:20:20

I would highly recommend a visit to Bravissimo. I was wearing completely the wrong size bra after being measured at M & S. Bravissmo assistants have a real knack of judging your bra size without using a measuring tape! They don’t ask you to strip naked while they stand and watch. They give you a bra to try on in your own time and then come into the cubicle and check the fit. They have the patience of saints and spend time until you find the right bra that fits you perfectly. I have big boobs and until I found Bravissimo I was very conscious of the way my boobs looked. Now I have a perfect fit with no second boob sticking out over the top! ?

sluttygran Fri 29-Jun-18 12:23:53

Another M&S fitting failure here. I was told I needed a larger cup size and a smaller band. The cup size was OK but I couldn’t breathe even with the hooks on the last setting. I was SO uncomfortable.
The bra was very expensive, so I took it back and politely complained. In fairness, they did give me another bra in a more suitable size.

Mad2016 Fri 29-Jun-18 12:25:29

Whilst I think M&S fail on many fronts, when my daughter in law went to buy a bra, before an op for breast cancer, she had nothing but praise for the fitter.

vandab46 Fri 29-Jun-18 12:27:45

M&S are very outdated in the way they measure. If any of you are on Facebook, look for Boob or Bust, it's a diy measuring service. It's brilliant the way they tell you to measure.

marionk Fri 29-Jun-18 12:34:52

I am sure your measurements will be accurate, but I wish I could be as sure about the bras!!

Helen2806 Fri 29-Jun-18 12:39:53

I came out of M and S after being "fitted" with 3 bras so uncomfortable that I was in pain and thoughtI had some sort of disease or injury- then remembered the new bras! Too tight round the rib cage. I bought two bra extenders, which have helped but would love to be fitted properly.

Gma29 Fri 29-Jun-18 12:44:21

I can’t fault the helpfulness of the fitter when I was last measured in M&S, but I didn’t buy the size she came up with as the underband fitting was so tight. It got really uncomfortable in the few minutes I had it on, there was absolutely no way I could have worn it all day.

thuberon Fri 29-Jun-18 12:45:03

It is a shame that so many people are disappointed at the service now being provided at M&S. Back in the day when I worked there as a fitter, the department prided itself on providing a great service and I can honestly say that I believe the vast majority of our customers left happy. (On the odd occasion that someone returned e.g. with a mark where the bra was rubbing, we would always refit and refund.)

Greciangirl Fri 29-Jun-18 12:58:26

Whenever I get measured up for a bra, they always feel comfortable at the time of fitting, so naturally I buy it. But after wearing it for a few hours, it always seems too tight.

Usually I can’t wait to get the darn thing of.

Being on the small side, I’m not a great fan of bra’s and only wear one if I have to.