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hildajenniJ Thu 28-Jun-18 15:27:57

I'm going on holiday in August and need a new black bra. I would go and be measured professionally, but the store I used to go to has recently closed. I'm not going back to M&S as they measured me wrong the last time.
So, I've measured myself at a 36 C cup.
I went online to find out how to do it, and followed the instructions given by Triumph.
My question is, do you think it will be accurate?
Have any of you managed to measure yourselves accurately?
Any help would be appreciated.

Cherrytree59 Thu 28-Jun-18 15:41:10

I have measured myself using the instructions on the back of a clothing catalogue.
I also asked my daughter to take the measurements.
They comfirmed my measurements.
I now have bras that are comfortable and sit right iyswim

stella1949 Thu 28-Jun-18 15:43:09

If the instructions were given by Triumph, I'd imagine that they'd be correct. In your situation, you have a little time up your sleeve, so why not purchase a bra in that size and see how you like it ? Good luck !

Ilovecheese Thu 28-Jun-18 15:55:01

Have a look at the measurement advise on the Bravissimo website.

HildaW Thu 28-Jun-18 16:10:31

I also found M&S useless. One of the main mistakes they made was to insist I try it on and fasten with the middle row of hooks and eyes....and stay on the middle row! Everyone else always advise that you make sure the bra fits well on the first row and move up as the bra wear and washes!
I am very lucky near here, there is a small independent clothes shop that stocks some ranges I've never come across (I'm a big cup yet a modest rib cage. The lady was cool calm and got me sorted.

hildajenniJ Thu 28-Jun-18 16:31:24

I loved my local lingerie shop. When I was a little girl, they used to sell children's clothes. We always bought our Sunday dresses there. I'm rather sad that it's gone.
HildaW my daughter was told to put her bra on the middle hooks too. She insists that I'm wrong. My argument to her was, why do they provide you with 3 rows of hooks if you're not meant to use the first ones!

humptydumpty Thu 28-Jun-18 16:46:02

I bought a couple of bras in M&S last week in my usual size and they were too small around and in cup size - I don't think I've put on that much weight! - very disappointing.

Greyduster Thu 28-Jun-18 17:19:04

I am another who was not pleased with Marks and Spencer’s fitting service. On the basis of their sizing I bought two bras and neither has been particularly comfortable.

HildaW Thu 28-Jun-18 17:23:36

hildajennij....exactly, it makes no sense to provide alternatives! I think my main complaint about the M&S lady was she was just so inflexible and adamant in her opinion. I came away hot and fluttered and with two totally useless bras - was so cross with myself for being bamboozled into buying something that was not up to the job.

Iam64 Thu 28-Jun-18 17:41:05

Interesting comments about M&S - I thought it was only me. I was measured totally wrong there and absolutely right in good old John Lewis. I now buy repeated versions of the same bra in the same size, by Triumph. I want to support the high street but confess to often ordering the bras on line, as the shops so rarely have the right size.

HildaW Thu 28-Jun-18 17:55:00

Oh to have a local John Lewis!.....mind you I do think they have reduced the in house stock levels of late....I'm sure their Haberdashery used to be a thing of wonder, nowadays its just the same old basics that I can get anywhere.

callgirl1 Thu 28-Jun-18 17:59:11

For years I was convinced I was a 38D, but my bras never fitted properly. I then followed the instructions in the back of my daughter`s mail order catalogue (Littlewoods), which told me I was a 42C. Ever since then that`s the size I`ve bought, which is just right. I`ve been dithering for ages about some nice bras on the NewChic site, still trying to decide whether to risk it and buy a couple.

phoenix Thu 28-Jun-18 20:11:00

I wish I had bosoms worth measuring! Too embarrassed by my very small breasts to expose them to a stranger blush

BlueBelle Thu 28-Jun-18 20:25:40

I wish I had small ones ??? Just goes to show we re never satisfied
M and S sold me a bra two sizes smaller than I was wearing insisting that was correct but I could hardly breath and found it so uncomfortable I went back to my original size

Fennel Thu 28-Jun-18 20:29:17

No advice on self- measuring, sorry.
But I used to always buy a 38" bra, with small cups, as I have a broad back.
Then I had a measurement in John Lewis, a few years ago, and she said I was a 34 DD shock. Since then I've worn the Triumph Doreen bra in that size.
Although my boobs have shrunk a little since those days. But still 34" around the ribs.

1974cookie Thu 28-Jun-18 20:37:56

I was told to start on the outer hooks and work your way in because as they get washed, the elastic sides and back stretch and you need to tighten the fit of the bra.
I have also found that bras do vary in cup sizes. I too was not impressed with the fitter at M+S. The bras that she suggested after measuring me, far from fitted. I was bulging out in places, but this was put down to my age ? I am still trying to work that one out !
In the end, I treated myself to a visit to Rigby and Pellor in London and never looked back. I am saving for a future visit as the difference those bras made to the look of my clothes especially, is well worth it.

NotAGran55 Thu 28-Jun-18 20:45:41

I have recently lost a fair bit of weight and as a treat to myself I went to Rigby and Peller for a fitting . It was fantastic and I wish that I had done it years ago .
The difference the correctly fitting bra and style made is remarkable. I went in a matronly 36F and left as a perky 32G . The difference it has made to my confidence and clothes fitting is remarkable.
I have spent years wearing ‘full cup’ as I thought this would be best for my large frontage when in fact my shape is suited to balconet style .
I have had fittings at M & S , JL and I walked out of Debenhams as the fitter stank of smoke , and none of them were any good.
I can’t recommend the experience highly enough if you could do it .

NotAGran55 Thu 28-Jun-18 20:48:28

I’m a slow typist 1974 and didn’t see your post ! Great that you had same view as me smile
I went to the Mayfair branch .

phoenix Thu 28-Jun-18 20:56:55

Might be an expensive outing from North Devon!grin

To be honest, I can comfortably go without a bra, but need either a padded or gel bra to give me a bit of "frontage"

Wouldn't be so bad if I was generally slender, but am quite "rounded" elsewhere!

hildajenniJ Thu 28-Jun-18 22:36:08

I would actually like to go bra-less, but have put weight on recently. I don't like it, and I'm taking myself in hand, but until I'm back to a size 10 (never been that since I was 17), I need the support. I'm going to order a 36 C and see.

sodapop Fri 29-Jun-18 08:09:29

Phoenix your post brought back memories of Terry Wogan and his comedy Janet & John series, so funny. ( it was frontage)

M0nica Fri 29-Jun-18 08:39:05

Phoenix, as another one who is small on top, all I can say is what is there not to like? I have been grateful for my neat little bust all my life; no problems with boobs getting in the way of everything, or bouncing up and down during exercise. I successfully breast fed 2 children for six months and nobody else who has had access to them has complained either. I avoid all bras with padding or 'enhancement'. I am the size I am and as I am quite happy with it, why try to pretend there is more to it than appears.

Auntieflo Fri 29-Jun-18 08:46:50

M0nica grin

harrigran Fri 29-Jun-18 09:16:55

The Triumph self measure instructions are accurate, I bought new bras using this method and they were perfect.

Blinko Fri 29-Jun-18 09:33:31

I usually go to Bravissimo but even there, sizes differ between makes of bra. I must take a look at the Triumph site.