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girig007 Wed 29-Aug-18 05:41:28

My Age 37 weight 70 height 5.6"
Total Cholesterol 280
Tryglyceride 180
hdl 40
ldl 202
vldl 37
bp 80/120
sugar(f) 90
normal ECG, ECHO
no family hist of heart disease. What is my risk of heart disease ? Please suggest me. thank you.

absent Wed 29-Aug-18 05:49:18

Why are you asking us instead of your doctor?

BlueBelle Wed 29-Aug-18 06:31:03

No idea

aggie Wed 29-Aug-18 06:32:20

Good point Absent maybe another sleepless body ?

Poppyred Wed 29-Aug-18 07:15:01

Is gransnet offering free health checks now? ? 😂😂

mumofmadboys Wed 29-Aug-18 07:56:41

We use mmol/l here for cholesterol levels and glucose etc. Your results are in different units . Where are you from? Agree best to see your own doctor

M0nica Wed 29-Aug-18 10:31:17

My GP was only to willing to give me the stats when I asked.

Bluegal Wed 29-Aug-18 10:55:56

I have no idea but your cholesterol level seems very high to me unless you mean 2.8? If its 2.8 it should be fine but 280?
Surely your GP would highlight any problems? I would think - mine would.