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kittylester Wed 07-Nov-18 07:22:30

Has anyone spotted any velvet tops in jewel colours for sale? We have a few things on that are crying out for just such a top. I'd like something very plain - long sleeve, scoop neck, preferably plum or purple to wear with black trousers. Thank you!

kittylester Wed 07-Nov-18 15:45:57

Thank you all for your input. I actually ordered the Boden one but it's a very tight fit and I really fancied a looser (more relaxed!!) fit. I can usually wear an 18 or 20 in Bodenham but even the 22 was very tight.

I am a huge devotee of Kettlewell but didn't find anything I liked in velvet.

I will investigate all the other suggestions, thank you.

BBbevan Wed 07-Nov-18 15:57:36

Seasalt have some lovely tunic/ short dresses in velvet.

cornergran Wed 07-Nov-18 16:06:32

A White Stuff Outlet we were in today had lovely colours in not too clingy velvet. Good prices, too.

Edithb Wed 07-Nov-18 16:29:10

Edinburgh Woollen Mill have a red top.

GabriellaG Wed 07-Nov-18 18:29:52


2 on eBay but have to bid soon. Size 20/22
Hope they help.

GabriellaG Wed 07-Nov-18 18:32:07

No idea why typeface went all skew-wiff above. confused

Phoebes Wed 07-Nov-18 21:23:37

I was in M&S this afternoon and they had some nice slinky velvet tops.

Jalima1108 Wed 07-Nov-18 22:04:27

What would you pair a velvet top with?

I have some slim-leg (the only slim bit) velvet trousers. If I wore a lovely velvet top with them would I look like a velvet sofa?
Slinky black trousers?
and a top in a different fabric to go with the velvet trousers?

Brigidsdaughter Wed 07-Nov-18 23:02:36 a bit of a blow out but lovely!

ClarenceTheAngel Wed 07-Nov-18 23:13:28

They’re all lovely- I want them all( except the trousers).

kittylester Thu 08-Nov-18 06:08:48

Loads to look at, thank you lovely people. flowers

Marydoll Thu 08-Nov-18 07:02:24

Brigidsdaughter, love these clothes!

gillybob Thu 08-Nov-18 07:23:00

How about this one from Whitestuff kitty ? It comes in a beautiful raspberry, a darker plum and a forest green too. Soft velvet front and a lovely soft cotton jersey back . Would look fab with black trousers .

gillybob Thu 08-Nov-18 07:25:38

I’ve found this code for 15% off but haven’t tried it . WSB15

Humbertbear Thu 08-Nov-18 08:16:59

Try Witt. I like their clothes - good quality and mid peice

dragonfly46 Thu 08-Nov-18 09:35:01

Gilly1952 It is funny about wearing black. I used to love it but having hated it all my life I now love purple!!

JacquiG Thu 08-Nov-18 14:17:57 do some nice ones.

anna7 Thu 08-Nov-18 19:22:08

Just ordered the White Stuff top. The code worked fine. I'll let you know what it's like. Thanks gillybob smile