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Ready made curtains - help!

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kittylester Thu 07-Mar-19 22:06:06

We are desperately in need of some reasonably priced, ready made curtains.

We have been redoing our 'playroom' and bought some lovely, fairly expensive curtains which look absolutely dreadful in the room.

They really don't go so we now need to buy some replacements for not too much money.

Can anyone help with suggestions..... please?

Mamissimo Thu 07-Mar-19 22:14:13

A lot of people have success with Dunelm? You can see them online which would save a trip if there was nothing suitable? You can always improve unlined by buying linings which you put in with the curtain hooks. Cheaper than JL and M&S. Good Luck!

MissAdventure Thu 07-Mar-19 22:14:42

How about Ikea?

Mamissimo Thu 07-Mar-19 22:19:02

Forgot to mention 🙂

MissAdventure Thu 07-Mar-19 22:20:12

Oh yes.
They have a huge selection, and are very reasonable.

Granny23 Thu 07-Mar-19 22:25:27

Can you not return the unsuitable curtains for a refund?

Patsy70 Thu 07-Mar-19 22:46:27

I would also recommend Dunelm. Their fabric is of a very high quality and reasonable, compared to John Lewis and Laura Ashley. They have ready made curtains and can also make them to your requirements. Alternatively, a fabric shop maybe somewhere local to you. I suggest you either return your original curtains or sell them.

Jalima1108 Thu 07-Mar-19 22:55:28

I don't think you can get a refund once you have gathered them, unfortunately.
Will they fit somewhere else kittylester?
Yes, Dunelm is fine for reasonably priced curtains.

March Thu 07-Mar-19 22:57:33

Next have some really nice curtains and there's a sale the end of this month.

callgirl1 Thu 07-Mar-19 23:55:25


kittylester Fri 08-Mar-19 07:10:05

Thank you for your replies.

Yes, jalim, they will fit in one of the bedrooms if we get them altered but I really like the ones there already!

I went to our Dunelm yesterday but they all seem to be eyelet heading - which isn't what we want. I'll go to the bigger one next week.

Ikea don't have the colour we want. Hey ho.

jusnoneed Fri 08-Mar-19 08:12:50

Do you have The Range shop near you? They seem to have a good selection whenever we go to our nearest one.
B&M or Home Bargains for cheapie ones?

Brunette10 Fri 08-Mar-19 08:28:51

Good Morning Kitty, we too have just recently returned our study into a bedroom for our DGS's. I have never in my life bought ready made curtains but had a good look online and got a pair from Amazon. I am very pleased with them. The manufacturer is 'Fusion' and I thought Amazon had the best price. I had to get the hem taken up but I am very pleased with the overall appearance of them and match the new duvet set I got too. Good luck smile

Brunette10 Fri 08-Mar-19 09:40:41

Oops sorry! - hope this isn't deemed as advertising blush

phoenix Fri 08-Mar-19 09:51:17

Dunelm seem to only ever have the eye!Dr your in stock, but once you know the fabric you want, you can order the ones with tape online.

We did that, but I now wish I'd gone with the eyelet after all!

phoenix Fri 08-Mar-19 09:52:05

What? "eyelet type in stock"

kittylester Fri 08-Mar-19 09:53:44

Didn't know that phoenix. We saw some eyelet ones that we liked!

kittylester Fri 08-Mar-19 09:54:03

Sorry, thank you!!

phoenix Fri 08-Mar-19 09:58:39

Have a look on the wesite, bet you find the same ones on there, but with the tape option.

Delivery is fairly prompt too.

Badenkate Fri 08-Mar-19 12:42:31

Have had several sets from Dunelm and have been really pleased with them

kittylester Fri 08-Mar-19 14:10:22

Thank you all.

We ordered some from Dunelm this morning!!

phoenix Fri 08-Mar-19 15:32:40

Hooray! Were they the ones that you liked in store, but thought they only did in eyelet?

kittylester Fri 08-Mar-19 16:11:07

Yes, phoenix, they were - thank you so much. I have no idea why we didn't ask when we first saw them and they cost approximately 25% of the first ones.

I think we'll hide the first ones on an 'out of sight, out of mind' strategy!

We could try selling them but we had also had them shortened! blush

POGS Fri 08-Mar-19 17:12:53


When I had my second hand clothing stall at Leicester market I used to buy off the ' material man ' a few stalls up from mine.

He started Dunelm and now is worth a fortune, unlike moi!

Can you remember the Dunelm shop down from the Clock Tower. I loved it , always a bun fight, you would find a duvet cover then run round like a headless chicken trying to find matching pillowcases . smile

1inamillion Fri 08-Mar-19 17:20:12

Try selling them on Gumtree Kitty, say they are new but have been shortened, you might have done someone a favour. A lot of people look on Gumtree to buy items for properties they are letting etc. Worth a try.