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4allweknow Sun 24-Mar-19 12:47:34

Fed up buying clothes that don't suit. I am 72, 5'5 size 16 and have the belly and waist problem. I live outside a small town with the only dept store being a very small Debemhams. I really have to shop on-line. I would really like reasonably smart casual for day wear that I can add say a more dressed up top for going out at night. I feel I look scruffy and wearing the same style all the time. I have tried JD??? but find their stuff old fashioned. Any suggestion/help out their. I have a reasonable but not lavish budget eg John Lewis would be kind of expensive generally.

glammanana Sun 24-Mar-19 13:00:39

Box2 do have some really nice pieces they can be expensive but their sales are very good well worth a try.

kittylester Sun 24-Mar-19 13:01:34

I started a thread about similar thing and got lots if suggestions.

Following that, i have just bought some tops in the Seasalt and Joules sales and Lands End have a discount on jeans atm including sale items. So I bought some of those too.

I also bought a dress, leggings and long cardigan but they are still in the wardrobe!

Panache Sun 24-Mar-19 13:01:35

Have a good long look at QVC on the Telly,take time to find the styles you like and admire on models reflecting much your size...........taking into account that some maybe too young for comfort.
Many cater for the likes of ourselves and the prices range from cheap to expensive so you can find the ones that fit your purse.
Since they offer you a 30 day test and try...........even to wearing the garments out etc...........but will exchange,money back guartanteed,no questions asked.This makes purchasing much easier as you have time in your own home to try the individual garments on with what you may already have.
I live in the country,am house bound therefore can empathise with your situation.
This has become my mode of clothes buying over many years and by following the different clothes shows you soon learn which ones best suit both your age,fit and purse.
Well worth a try.
I also buy from Artigiano,Peter Hahn, and Franchesco catalogues.Perhaps worthy of another look.
Good luck.

DoraMarr Sun 24-Mar-19 13:04:55

Toast fabrics are lovely, but their stuff is pricey. I have some elasticated waist jeans and cotton- linen trousers that are great, and lots of dresses that look fitted but in fact skim the waist and tummy. Cos do some great tunic tops and dresses, and are not as pricey.

luluaugust Sun 24-Mar-19 13:19:45

I'm not sure if Bonmarche sell on line? but I find their clothes a good everyday quality. Seasalt also great for tops, not tried their trousers.

KatyK Sun 24-Mar-19 13:43:46

Ruth Langsford does a lovely range for QVC.

kittylester Sun 24-Mar-19 13:45:18

Seasalt Tops are often 2 for £40.

suzied Sun 24-Mar-19 13:46:40

Have look at Uniqlo, good online and reasonably priced.

dragonfly46 Sun 24-Mar-19 13:54:55

I like Mint Velvet - slightly quirky!

MawBroon Sun 24-Mar-19 13:59:25

Uniqlo are really stylish and reasonably priced.
Having given into temptation once or twice on QVC I would urge caution.
Ruth Langford pieces are quite pricey for what they are- not great quality, man made fabrics and can be skimpy., dare I say, “cheap” looking.
Joules, Seasalt and White Stuff are much better quality and if you Google “Joukes voucher codes” , there is neatly always a discount available.

FlexibleFriend Sun 24-Mar-19 15:02:23

Personally I like Wallis and their clothes are available on line and some of the range through Debenhams too.

GillT57 Sun 24-Mar-19 15:48:38

I am about the same size as you and find that Seasalt tops fit very well and they wash beautifully. They have great sales, and at 2 for £40 the tops are, I think fantastic value.

Eloethan Sun 24-Mar-19 19:12:25

I like Mint Velvet too. Not cheap but not massively expensive and the clothes are stylish and well made. M&Co clothes are very reasonably priced and there are a few nice styles.

Florence64 Sun 24-Mar-19 19:39:55

Next go up to a 22 in most things and have started to do a plus collection as well. I personally like JD Williams/Ambrose Wilson. I know some of it is terribly old fashioned, but I have some lovely things from there as well and I am very fussy about what I wear and like to look reasonably 'on trend' and stylish. Quiz do a curve line and they have some very pretty tops in particular and I like Kaleidoscope. My main problem with 'plus size' items is that it seems to me that they think everyone wants to wear crop trousers and high necked tops. I find it really hard to get trousers that are long enough (my inside leg is 32") and some of the online shops don't include the length of the item, so I can never tell if a top is long enough for me. I'm also surprised at some of the clothes they assume will suit 'plus sized' women, such as satin shorts and high waisted mini dresses!

Daisyboots Sun 24-Mar-19 19:55:37

Being 5'10" and a size 20 I dont have much luck buying in Portugal so my go to online clothes shopping is with Bon Marche. I find their sizing more accurate than Next, Cotton Traders or M&S who also deliver to Portugal. But I know that I won't need to return anything with Bon Marche which is a real faff with the others.

Marydoll Sun 24-Mar-19 20:01:24

I agree about Bonmarche, Daisyboots. If you do a search for voucher codes or wait for the sales, you can pick up some lovely pieces. I have just bought a pair of mustard slim leg jeans, with 20% off.
Some of their clothes can be frumpy, but recently they seem to be improving their style.

milkflake Sun 24-Mar-19 21:04:36

Lately I have had a few items from Roman Originals and have been pleased with them. I like JD Williams too .

littleflo Mon 25-Mar-19 09:12:43

On a similar thread recently, someone mentioned Roman website. I have started to buy clothes from them. They have a huge range and the clothes are lovely and well priced. They have free delivery and returns. Over the last 2 months, I bought 5 items, all delivered with 48 hours and they were very true to size.

Alma31 Mon 25-Mar-19 09:40:03

I am 5'8", 9 1/2 st with a small bust, a waist but got the tummy. So many tops just hang off me and look awful. Can anyone suggest somewhere for slimmer fitting tops?

shysal Mon 25-Mar-19 09:52:40

I always feel I look scruffy. One day I saw a woman wearing almost the same outfit as I was, jeans and navy Breton top, but with the addition of a slim scarf. It made all the difference between scruffy and smart. I then proceeded to go on Ebay and bought complementary scarves for my Boden and Joules tops. I start the day wearing them but am often in danger of dangling them in the washing up or meals so they then hang in the hall to put back on if I go out. The little neckerchiefs are the most practical and more chic (not that the word ever applies to me!)
By the way, Joules tops can be found cheaper on Ebay. I like their curved hems at the back, covering a multitude of sins!
I hope you find what you are looking for.

goldengirl Mon 25-Mar-19 10:04:55

I've just found QVC and really like their offerings! There's a 30 day money back guarantee too - even if you've worn it and washed it!!! The prices vary but the clothes I've bought so far have been well made and just as described. The lengths and sizes are included in the product description - and so far for me, have been pretty accurate.

Like others I've also bought from Seasalt. I buy swimsuits from Lands End and pull on trousers from Cotton Traders. There's great choice online.

I recently went to a well known clothes shop and tried on a pair of trousers and a blouse. The trousers were soooo long and the neckline of the blouse was soooo low. A very disappointing experience.

Grampie Mon 25-Mar-19 10:40:17

Thus far my shirts have lasted ten years. Now I’ve reversed their collars I’m hoping they’ll last another ten.

My courderoy trousers are lasting well too having just replaced a pair that lasted 15 years. Likewise with my 100% caoutchouc soled Mephistos.

Never do I shop for therapy.

GabriellaG54 Mon 25-Mar-19 10:45:56

I personally would hestiate to pay £20 for an 'ordinary top. I buy mainly from H&M.
I bought a couple of linen shirts from M&S which are sized too large and had to be returned.
H&M returns are simple. Just take to the PO in the re-sealable bag with enclosed label and refund is back in your bank within 3 days, usually less.
Zara and Mango are fine too. Their blouses are around the £30 mark and trendy but not overtly so. Joules and Seasalt are more country and casual.

HildaW Mon 25-Mar-19 10:54:00

Must admit I've gone down the slightly more utilitarian route of late. I buy from Rohan (usually in their sales) its all well made and lasts ages and is especially good for travelling as it all washes and dries so well.