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Discontinued make up

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KatyK Thu 23-May-19 15:43:28

I think you may find it on eBay. They seem to have everything. Maybelline discontinued my shade of foundation. I got it on eBay a few weeks ago and it was half the price of Boots. eBay isn't just for secondhand. There are eBay stores/shops too as I'm sure you already know. smile

Callistemon Thu 23-May-19 14:57:37

I thought I'd go back to Almay but it has been discontinued sad

fizzers Thu 23-May-19 14:03:39

I am the kiss of death, every time I find a perfume or make up item that I adore, it gets discontinued .... am sure it's me...

Auntieflo Thu 23-May-19 14:00:49

Annodomini, I also used a Barbara Daly lipstick from Tesco, called Mocha. I have never been able to find a suitable replacement.
Apologies 25Avalon that doesn’t help you at all. Just missing the lipstick colour that suited me.

JackyB Thu 23-May-19 11:05:11

Sorry Avalon, can't help either. Your product may still be available in another country, or maybe someone has some old stock and is sellig it on ebay.

Perhaps you could go to a nice big department store or a local beautician and get some advice/recommendations/samples to try for alternatives.

It's not only cosmetics that they discontinue (I can think of 3 great products that my usual cosmetics firm has stopped making which I loved) - it's all sorts of other things, too (washing powder, some food items in certain flavours). But often they then bring out a new version later on, sometimes under a different name, which may even be better.

Poppyred Thu 23-May-19 10:53:36

Sorry Avalon, no help to you I know, just ranting! 🥴🥴

25Avalon Thu 23-May-19 10:50:36

Yes but can anyone recommend an alternative please?

Poppyred Thu 23-May-19 10:50:02

They stopped making Virgin Vie Perfect Balance foundation! I have managed to buy quite a few from eBay at ridiculous prices! But none for a while now.
I loved Mary Quant foundation many years ago, they stopped making that too ☹️☹️

Smiley4 Thu 23-May-19 10:48:07

This always happens to me too. It’s annoying. But you can’t buy what they don’t sell. So I’ve had to find an alternative. It takes time and I’ve wasted quite a bit of money in the process, but I’ve got there in the end.

annodomini Thu 23-May-19 10:12:57

I was fed up when Barbara Daly products disappeared from Tesco. I used the cream blusher which was unobtrusive but made me look healthier. It was also extremely good value. Bits and pieces can still be found on Ebay, but nothing I want or need.

Framilode Thu 23-May-19 10:00:49

I used to love Redken Clear Moisture Shampoo and then it was discontinued. I was able to get it on the net for a few months and then finis. I wish they would give advance notice when they are going to discontinue a product and then we could stock up.

25Avalon Thu 23-May-19 09:56:07

Every time I find make up I like it eventually gets discontinued and I find it difficult to get a replacement product. This time it's L'Oreal's Nutri Lift Gold anti aging serum foundation which is no longer being manufactured. I've found some on the internet but not in the rose beige colour I like. Please can anyone recommend a suitable alternative?