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Do you have an A rated grill?

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NanaandGrampy Thu 13-Jun-19 12:03:40

I am just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience.

We purchased a new double oven by Hotpoint. On using the grill we noticed that it turned itself off after 11 minutes. So the first engineer arrived and diagnosed it as a faulty thermostat.

The second engineer disagreed when he came to fit it and told us it was a safety feature in new grills and not to use the highest setting and it would be fine.

We then got exactly the same result using it at 3/4 heat so called them out again.

After several phone calls the engineer confirmed that its supposed to do this. It turns itself off . You leave it and 5 minutes later it turns itself on!!

Its not in any reviews of the grill or in the manual , or anywhere online - its a hotpoint secret???

My question is has anyone else experienced this ? As I see it , its adding to any cooking time, because it cools significantly in that 5 mins down time, there is no direct heat so nothing is browning either.

I feel that as no one told me this prior to purchase I am within my rights to send it back. I just want a grill that grills until I switch it off.

Am I being unreasonable or asking too much?

Septimia Thu 13-Jun-19 12:53:28

Can't see that a grill that turns itself off is much use. I accept that it might be for safety (not if the food isn't cooked and you get food poisoning!) but surely some sort of warning noise - as with a smoke alarm - would be better. Or for it to switch off for shorter periods but more often so that the heat level is maintained but not exceeded.

Don't know what your rights are, but I'd be annoyed too if there isn't anything in the instructions. Must go and check mine....

Doodle Thu 13-Jun-19 13:10:53

Yup. Mine does the same. It’s Neff and it drives me potty too. What use is a grill that doesn’t grill all the time.
Do you have to shut the oven door when the grill is on? I do.
I have a kind of work round for mine. I start off on low heat and just keep turning it up in the hope the element stays on.
I think it must be a common thing now. By the way mine isn’t a double oven but I have the same problem on both my oven and my combi-microwave.

FlexibleFriend Thu 13-Jun-19 13:20:43

Is it electric? I have a double gas oven built in but the second cavity is also a grill but in grill mode it's electric and in oven ode it's gas. It has to be closed in oven mode and open in grill mode, and doesn't turn off. I'd be somewhat miffed if it did and would expect to find reference to it in the instructions.

GrandmaKT Thu 13-Jun-19 13:36:45

I would say that if there is no reference to it in the brochure or the instructions, then it is not working as you could reasonably expect it to and you are entitled to return it.

M0nica Thu 13-Jun-19 15:20:26

I would be back hammering on the doors of the shop I bought it from, demanding a refund. If you are not told about this feature in any of the literature then it is a fault.

Whose idea was it that this is a good idea. Have they ever cooked. I have had grilling marathons when I am doing multiple cooked breakfasts for brunch or for barbeques when it tips with rain. Food is going in and out in relays.

What a ridiculous feature. Next thing they will be limiting how hot a hob can get in case someone burns themselves or the food boils over and a child grabs the handle of a pan.

Septimia Thu 13-Jun-19 16:30:22

Looking at mine, I think the grill does go off, but only for short periods, not as long as 5 mins. Still can't see that it's necessary.

NanaandGrampy Thu 13-Jun-19 16:57:00

Yes , its electric and the door has to stay open.

I cant believe other models do this , I think its a ridiculous idea and you can rest assured I shall be discussing its return tomorrow morning.

I totally agree - what next tumble driers that don't do socks ? :-)