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I often post a message then it doesn't show up

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lmm6 Sat 03-Aug-19 12:22:57

I've often replied to something but, when I go back to look, my message isn't there. Has this happened to anyone else? For example I posted a question about gardening, got some super replies and then thanked everybody. But my thank you message isn't on the discussion?

BlueBelle Sat 03-Aug-19 12:40:42

The only time this happens for me is if my internet is having a wobble which it does in certain rooms and I think the post has gone and find it hasn’t

glammanana Sat 03-Aug-19 12:45:57

Iam6 This happens to me sometimes and I found I have to repress post message to see it loading must be gremlins in the system somewhere.

srn63 Sat 03-Aug-19 12:54:37

I always have tp press the "post" button twice.

shysal Sat 03-Aug-19 13:57:13

Sometimes I preview and then forget to post.
Annoying when a carefully thought out message disappears isn't it?

SarahGransnet (GNHQ) Sat 03-Aug-19 14:16:29

Hi all, we've not heard of this happening before but we'll raise it with our tech team on Monday.

Just a reminder that if you are having difficulties with any area of the site, the best thing to do is email [email protected] We often don't see these threads.

Thanks smile

NotSpaghetti Sat 03-Aug-19 14:34:32

I also generally have to press post twice!