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Is living abroad all it is cracked up to be ?

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paddyann Sun 11-Aug-19 15:35:18

I think it depends how long been there and if they've settled and made friends.I have friends who went to Spain 30 years ago and although the wife died after 10 or so years the rest of the family decided to stay.Both children and dad have all married Spaniards and love living there

lemongrove Sun 11-Aug-19 15:28:26

I wouldn’t consider leaving now, but we did seriously consider NZ about 27 years ago.

lemongrove Sun 11-Aug-19 15:26:53

I have no first hand knowledge NanK but know two people who did come back, when their DH’s died and one person who returned (after ten years) when his wife left him.They were all in lovely places in Spain.

NanKate Sun 11-Aug-19 14:54:15

My sister went to live in Italy in her late 20s she loved it at first but now would do anything to come back but can’t afford it.

Friends moved to southern Spain about 11 years ago and seem very happy but what happens when one of them dies I wonder ? They visit their family in the U.K. regularly. Does being with an ex-pat community lose it’s attraction when on your own?

I would never consider living abroad as I am a real home bird.