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Wooden slatted blinds

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Stoker48 Fri 23-Aug-19 08:03:47

Considering buying white wooden slatted blinds.
I like the look of them but they do seem rather “ heavy” on the windows.
I wonder if they cut out some of the light?
Anyone have them? I’d be so grateful for feedback before I dive in.
Thank you.

Abuelamia Fri 23-Aug-19 08:51:22

I have them in a “ piano “ white finish, a shiny brilliant white in my bathroom and a bedroom. They actually reflect the light making the room lighter. I also have the wider slats and tapes instead of strings . Love them .

Purpledaffodil Fri 23-Aug-19 09:02:10

I’ve got the matt finish type on several windows. Great privacy and look smart. Possibly cut light a bit, but still like them. Except when I have to dust them which is not that often. In this house anyway 🤣

KatyK Fri 23-Aug-19 11:18:33

My daughter has them. She loves them. They look great.

Septimia Fri 23-Aug-19 11:40:27

I think they can look very smart, but it depends where you are. If you live in a town with windows close to the road/footpath, they're a stylish way of letting light in but preventing people being nosy.

Where I live you're hard pushed to see the windows from the road. We don't even draw the curtains most of the time but enjoy an unobstructed view of the hills across the valley.

I wouldn't have them here, but would consider them if I lived where I might be overlooked. I'd be concerned, too, about them keeping the light out - I can't see the point of having lots of natural light and then shutting it out. However, the previous posts suggest that white shutter can help to brighten the room so that makes them seem much more attractive.

J52 Fri 23-Aug-19 11:56:57

I have white Venetian blinds in two different properties. In the H/house there are large picture windows that face south west. They filter the light, suns rays and stop the room getting too hot. Although we do have them pulled up most of the time.
In our village cottage, although we are not too near the footpath, l like the added security of not being able to see directly in.
When tilted they bounce the light into the room.
We got ours from Blinds2go and had the faux wood as it is lighter to manipulate. So far the large one ( the biggest they did) have been up 10 years and still perfect.

HildaW Fri 23-Aug-19 13:14:11

We had white venetian blinds made to fit some windows in new house. They came from Dunelm and there are different widths of they can look quite delicate. We were very happy with ours.

HildaW Fri 23-Aug-19 13:15:20

OOps mean to say white wooden fact they come in several different 'whites'.

eazybee Fri 23-Aug-19 14:30:34

I have white painted wooden blinds in the kitchen, downstairs loo, ensuite and my 'studeh', (ex box room) and I love them. They do seem to reflect the light and ensure privacy; the only problem is cleaning the one in the kitchen as it is over the sink and difficult to reach. All the windows are quite small.

Katyj Sat 24-Aug-19 07:52:37

I've had them in two houses.The first ones were the narrow slats, never again, they were virtually impossible to clean.The second lot were already here much wider and easier to clean.The disadvantages are they are quite heavy if on a largish window, to pull up.And they do collect a lot of grime if your anywhere near a road.But they do look great, and adjustable for the light .

Stoker48 Tue 27-Aug-19 23:54:12

Thank you, all, for responding.
It’s been so helpful. Xx