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What's the biggest you've ever seen?

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H1954 Tue 10-Sep-19 10:41:30

Sitting enjoying my morning tea and I heard a strange rustling sound. Thinking it may be a creature in the garden border, which is almost directly under the window, I cautiously moved to take a look. Nothing in the garden but the sound was being made by THE BIGGEST SPIDER I've ever seen as it scurried up the blackout lining on the curtains! It was huge, had knobbly knees, goggly eyes and was wearing clogs! 😱

Alima Fri 13-Sep-19 11:11:17

When we first got married I lobbed a spider at DH. (Wouldn’t do that now though, cruel). How was I to know he was frightened of spiders? They don’t bother me at all. I am frightened to death at the thought of driving though so if I can help by relocating any you have could you come and pick me up please.

Gonegirl Fri 13-Sep-19 11:57:34

I might start another thread. "What's the biggest you've ever been?"

Tedber Sat 14-Sep-19 17:04:06

Hahaha. Hilarious thread.

Don’t know if it helps but I have found that since spraying the carpets with flea spray since one year our cat developed lots... we have never had the big spiders in house that used to come in around now (September). Coincidence? Maybe but I keep spraying every six months? Might be worth a try?

Sara65 Sat 14-Sep-19 17:37:22


I so sympathise, I too feel ill, l was very anxious about returning to this thread, incase anyone had posted anymore terrifying pictures

Every autumn my husband goes all around the outside of the house with an industrial vacuum, clearing away all the cobwebs, I have those electronic devices everywhere, which I think do help. But I’m still a bag of nerves, I can’t even bear to hear the word

MissAdventure Sat 14-Sep-19 19:53:49

I have just been sorting out my back doorstep, which has pots, and plants, and brooms and canes on it..

I'm sure you can see where this is leading..

I moved a lovely sunburst plaque a bit, and out can a huge black spider!