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Changing from bottle to breast

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Abuelana Sun 22-Sep-19 12:44:05

Oh heavens our struggles remain and getting ever more stressful as my daughter has been told to return to work next week, rather than Oct.
16 week GD will not take a bottle not matter what kind. My previous post someone suggested a bottle which worked for her reluctant. I can't find the post!
Im at my wits end as we will be caring for her 3 days a week. Think the bottle was called something like biobot or something similar. One anxious Nana

paddyann Sun 22-Sep-19 12:47:59

was it Minbie ? Check it online ,recommended for poor feeders breast fed babies and babies with severe reflux issues

Abuelana Sun 22-Sep-19 14:12:13

Well if it wasn’t Minbie it is now just ordered some. Thank you !

Purpledaffodil Sun 22-Sep-19 14:30:36

Abuelana, my DGD just the same and will not take a bottle from DD. However they have discovered that she will take a bottle if her father feeds her. I think the nearness of the boob is too enticing when her mother tries a bottle on her.
Incidentally she won’t take previously frozen breast milk from a bottle at all. It changes the taste apparently. Good luck!

ElaineI Sun 22-Sep-19 23:17:05

DGS2 was 7 months and we spent a fortune on bottles - minbie would have been the next step. Wouldn't consider any - tried syringe, sippy cup etc best success was out an actually glass. Even took him to mummy's work as all employers by law have to allow this and time and facilities for expressing. Now he can drink out of most toddler cups (18 months) but has in last month decided to drink his expressed milk from a bottle! DD2 now using her frozen milk from the freezer we had to obtain for it! It was a huge worry but he thrived despite it and drank water from the sippy cup. Good luck x

FarNorth Sun 22-Sep-19 23:24:01

Have you tried different brands of babymilk?
My DS would not take SMA but was happy with Cow & Gate.

paddyann Mon 23-Sep-19 00:49:12

FarNorth I think the original post was because baby wouldn't take expressed breastmilk from a bottle .

FarNorth Mon 23-Sep-19 01:15:12

Oh, I see.

stella1949 Mon 23-Sep-19 04:28:12

My DD's baby daughter was like this , DD had to go back to work and baby wouldn't agree to the bottle at all. I went over there and told DD to go out for a few hours. When baby got hungry I gave her a bottle and "bingo" she drank it . I'm sure this happened because there were no "Mummy's boobs" in the room and granddaughter knew she was stuck with the bottle. I fed her for the rest of the time I was visiting , and by then she was fine with the bottle . A little psychology sometimes works wonders.