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DM Mag-Kate the great special

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Newquay Sun 29-Sep-19 17:45:30

DM is DH’s choice of paper (he likes the sport reports).
The above is the title of the mag which, as you’d expect is full of photos and pieces about Kate and the RF.
Who do we think commissioned this-the mag itself or Kate’s PR machine?

BlueBelle Sun 29-Sep-19 17:51:38

Well IDK .....with DMs DH s RF s and PR s all in three and half lines of words as you can see I m not in love with the shorthand of today so I just DK the answer

kittylester Sun 29-Sep-19 17:58:58

I like Kate a lot.

glammanana Sun 29-Sep-19 18:09:52

Kate and William where here on Merseyside this week to launch a new ship with Sir David Attenborough she was a pleasure to see,she was so so good with the school children who had dressed up in penguin costumes to do walking with penguins for Sir David she got really involved.I don't know who does the Public Relations and I don't care really.

M0nica Sun 29-Sep-19 18:12:23

I suspect it will have been instigated by the Mail on Sunday because it will sell a lot of extra copies. They may have had some discrete help from people who know the Duchess of Cambridge and have been given a quiet OK by palace public relations staff

But having glanced through it, most of it is pictures and material are already in the public domain so it could have been done whether there was palace co-operation or not.

KatyK Sun 29-Sep-19 19:58:51

I think she's lovely but there was far too much of her in that magazine today.

Newquay Sun 29-Sep-19 22:25:50

Sorry Bluebelle-u made me laugh!
DM=Daily Mail
DH=Dear Husband
RF= Royal Family
PR= well, PR!

Newquay Sun 29-Sep-19 22:26:26

And loved your DK too!

LondonGranny Sun 29-Sep-19 22:29:22


LondonGranny Sun 29-Sep-19 22:30:02

(God Give Me Patience)

Newquay Sun 29-Sep-19 22:33:09

I would never have guessed that one! ? Anyone know what AC is BTW?

LondonGranny Sun 29-Sep-19 22:35:26

Adult Child

LondonGranny Sun 29-Sep-19 22:42:42

btw GGMP is part of a very old prayer but was popular in the last century and the one before that, usually said under the breath of an exasperated person. My GM said GGMP a lot when my GF was being tiresome.

Newquay Sun 29-Sep-19 22:45:27

Thanks-but GF. . .Girl Friend?!

Ngaio1 Sun 29-Sep-19 22:46:47

I have warmed to Kate a little. Probably because Meghan appears to be so brash. I agree about the sports coverage in The Mail. They cover Three day Eventing, Showjumping and Dressage at times.