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MrsJamJam Fri 11-Oct-19 17:35:45

We are currently clearing my Mother's flat as she has moved into care. Stuff being shared round the family, going to charity shop and rubbish to the tip - all fine. But how do I dispose of her old cooking knives? Charity shop can't take them and the tip seems a bit dodgy as you don't know who might get hold of them and put them to bad uses. I should add that they are all old, blunt and of poor quality. Anyone got advice?

tanith Fri 11-Oct-19 17:55:12

Ask if they have a knife amnesty bin at your local police station.

M0nica Fri 11-Oct-19 17:57:34

I would tip them. Throw them onto the great big metal recycling skip. The chances of anyone rescuing them and misusing them is minimal.

Our tip is well monitored and any dodgy characters trying to get into a great big recycling skip would be out on their ear and probably talking to the local constabulary within minutes.

phoenix Fri 11-Oct-19 17:57:48

Good thinking tanith!

glammanana Fri 11-Oct-19 18:22:57

Best advice from tanith I think

Tedber Fri 11-Oct-19 19:32:41

I bowed to pressure. Can’t say it has done anything for me! Never look at it. Just looked now, reading the thread and couldn’t find it! Been switched off at wall (kids no doubt) and fallen behind dresser!!! (Wonder what that will do to the readings???). Are they supposed to be read remotely? No idea tbh.

Tedber Fri 11-Oct-19 19:34:14

Omg. Ignore that post!!!! I seem to have been reading one and flipped onto another!!!!! Wish I could remove it lol. Sorry guys. Don’t all complain