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I’m a Pear/Apple - Part 4. Yabadabadoo !

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NanKate Mon 02-Jan-23 16:48:54

On 08 May 2018 I started this thread for those who wanted to lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle. Many people have joined up and many pounds lost and a few gained.

We now have a small band of ‘regulars’ called Pears and Apples who have joined our ranks and they have brought new ideas and support. Many thanks girls what would I do without you all. I am so grateful you have stayed so loyal and been such good friends to us all.

Do join us the rules are simple.

Choose your own style of diet plan.

Check in regularly with a report of the highs and lows of the diet.

Have an occasional binge but get back on the wagon ASAP.
Pass on any useful diet tips.

So for example I started calorie counting with the NHS Diet Plan. I now eat what I like but make portion control my way of life.

You have nothing to lose, other than weight, on this thread.

Our mantra is - Eat Less for Life.

NanKate Mon 02-Jan-23 16:49:35

Over to you Girls. 👋

Mollygo Mon 02-Jan-23 17:43:27

I’ve dipped in and out of Part 3 all year.
I’m not sure there is a fruit my shape, but
I’d love to join in.
My first effort is taking all the uneaten sweet things into the staff room tomorrow. They’ll be very welcome and won’t be round my hips!

Dorsetcupcake61 Mon 02-Jan-23 17:48:22

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to new members! I'm amazed only put 1/4 pound over Christmas,will probably suddenly put on 7lb over next week!

Doodledog Mon 02-Jan-23 17:50:27

I'll join in if I may? I tried (unsuccessfully) to lose weight for my son's wedding in May. It's really difficult as I have Graves and my metabolism is all over the place, but I'd really like to shift a couple of stone. I think the best thing will be to finish the Christmas chocolates before starting, as I'm not good at moderation, and having one a day will never work. Meantime I will read and look at your ideas to see what is likely to work best for me.

silverlining48 Mon 02-Jan-23 17:59:16

Hello all, Ia am a 5’ pear and in the process of finishing the last few chocolates which I will try to make last me because I have at least 2 stone to lose, minimum, realistically one would do.

I weigh every day just to give myself the heads up and have noted weight weekly since leaving SW 10 years ago after losing and maintaining a loss of 1.5 stones. Unfortunately it’s closer to 1 stone loss now so it’s important not to let it creep any higher - as I know it will.

I don’t follow a particular diet as have always eaten fairly sensibly, but need to focus on portion size.

Happy new start to the year everyone,

kissngate Mon 02-Jan-23 19:11:43

Thanks for continuing the thread Nankate. I dipped in and out last year. Managed to lose 7lb which has gone back on. I got fed up with dieting when my oh who ate the same food (but also had supper) lost nearly 2 stone easily. He's put 1 stone back on but isn't dieting again. I followed the SW diet last time but decided this time to try the 16:8 plan. Had breakfast at 9 today and evening meal before 5 won't be eating again until 9 tomorrow. Will see how I get on this time. Good luck to everyone trying to lose weight this year.

NanaAng14 Mon 02-Jan-23 19:23:57

I always have very good intentions of eating healthy , and apart from mentally feeling better about myself , it would help my painful knee and be kinder to my digestive system, but it always seems a struggle - wish it was easier to carry through once I've decided to lose a few pounds .

M0nica Mon 02-Jan-23 19:44:51

I felt quite proud of myself 8 years ago when I lost a two stone menopause weight gain - and I have kept it off since. Then last Easter the UK Biobank invited me to have a through physical reassessment.

As well as weighing me they did one of those tests that tells you your % of body fat. I weighed in at my reduced weight feeling, to be honest, a little smug. Then came the results, weightwise I was within the BMI guidelines BUT when looking at the % of fat. I wasn't just fat I was obese!!shock [shockk].

So I have a stone to lose, back to a weight I last weighed at about 14 (although I am 2.5 inches shorter). I tried to do something about it last year, but a series of minor medical problems made it impractical.

So I have decided, back to being fully fit again, that this is the year for losing that extra stone. We are eating up the Christmas remains this week and we are away next week, but come Monday, 15th January. We will both start to on practical eating programmes. me on the 5:2, that worked so well, all those years again and DH probably on low carb. he desperately needs to loose a lot of weight, but usually avoids the issue, but he is hopefully beginning to see the light. He has multiple health problems caused/exacerbated by his obesity, which makes him a constant worry to me.

Whiff Mon 02-Jan-23 19:53:08

NanKate brilliant part 4 . When I joined our happy band it was a fruit bowl now it's grown to be fruit barrow of all shapes and sizes of fruits.

As we know eating less for life isn't easy . Plenty of ups and downs and stay the same. But we battle on together. It's a group of friends old and new. Like I have said before it's a marathon not a sprint . I am still battling to lost the last stone and a bit. If it takes me another year so be it. The good thing is I weight less than I did this time last year only a few pounds less but it's a win. Even a loss of quarter of a pound I count that as a win and it's surprising how it mounts up.

Those who are just starting remember to measure yourself to start with as well as weighting yourself. Because if you decide to exercise as well you could find after a few weeks of loosing weight with exercise included you put weight on. But if you measure yourself you will find you have lost inches. Mad I know but it happened to me. As muscle weights more than fat.

If you have health problems you can lose weight you just have to find the right way of eating that suits your bodies needs.

Me I weight and measure all I eat and drink and count calories. But it works for me. Even if I have a bad day and over eat still count those calories. But I have been doing this since 2017 and haven't given up yet.

That's what this thread gives you the support not to give up . To me it's a group of people that have become friends . And I have come to care about everyone. No one is ever nasty or critical it's a lovely thread to be on.

Doodledog Mon 02-Jan-23 20:04:54

I forgot to say that I am definitely an apple.

Shinamae Mon 02-Jan-23 20:06:10

Lovely jubbly, just have to hoover up the remains of the Christmas treats, which shouldn’t take too long then back on my plan, which is basically cut out sugar as much as possible. The one thing I will not give up is my Saint Agur cheese which I have with crusty bread at least three times a week. I am a recovering alcoholic so do not drink alcohol so will save some calories there. Anyway looking forward to the journey and checking in very regularly to see how everybody is doing. But please don’t be too hard on yourselves we all need a little treat occasionally and mine is on a Tuesday at Marks & Spencer‘s with a decaf latte and a slice of carrot cake 🤗. statistics are age 70 in a months time, 5‘5“ tall and 11 stone 4 lb at the moment… happy New Year and good luck to everybody on your journey..😁

Shinamae Mon 02-Jan-23 20:08:17


I forgot to say that I am definitely an apple.

Me too, all my weight is in my middle and back fat 🤦‍♀️ Stick thin arms and legs and no backside to speak of and my waist measures the same as my hips… very strange shape, built look more like a man really 😬😂

NanKate Mon 02-Jan-23 20:51:29

Welcome All, especially Whiff who often keeps this thread going when myself and some of the other old timers don’t post for a few days.

And yes we have become virtual friends which is an added bonus. 👍😀

I have an underactive thyroid that doesn’t help and you will find many others on this thread have health problems too, but it doesn’t stop us working towards healthier bodies.

So here’s to weight loss for ALL with an occasional blip.

teabagwoman Tue 03-Jan-23 06:43:33

I’d like to join in please. I lost seven stone by calorie counting twenty years ago and have kept it off though with a few ups and downs. Currently on an upswing which isn’t good as I’ve developed back problems. Don’t know what shape you would call me, I’m basically straight up and down with a bulge where my waist should be. Calorie counting has worked for me in the past so that’s where I’m starting.

M0nica Tue 03-Jan-23 07:08:28

I am a pear, but have never had a waist because my hips and rib cage are so close to each other they nearly meet.

Whiff Tue 03-Jan-23 08:56:34

NanKate I know I ramble on but that's me in real life. 🤣🤣🤣🤣. My brother says I have verbal diarrhoea must have it of the finger as well😁.

NanKate Tue 03-Jan-23 12:21:53

You are an important part of this thread Whiff. 👍

silverlining48 Tue 03-Jan-23 12:27:25

Me too Whiff. smile

Whiff Tue 03-Jan-23 14:21:01

Thank you I love it here. It keeps me on the straight and narrow. Funny how people can become important to you just by their words.

Met up with some of my craft group for a cuppa went to a Wetherspoons. 99p for unlimited mugs of tea. Didn't know you could get bargains like that nowadays.

BigBertha1 Tue 03-Jan-23 14:37:55

Here I am again. Signed up for Slimming World again in a last ditch attempt to get to the weight I know I will feel happy at. I am a pear and will always be short with stocky legs so I'm almost resigned to that but I just want to trim the pear down from a comice to a conference. Hope everyone here is doing well.

Shirleyw Tue 03-Jan-23 17:44:35

LOL whiff
I second what nankate wrote, you are an important part of this thread…..
Hi to all the newcomers, it’s great to see…..

Was my first day back at work today, felt peckish most of the day, weaning off the rich foods I think. Had 40g porridge oats made with water and a banana for breakfast, made a wrap filled with salad, had an apple, 2 hard boiled eggs and an apple to take to work, duck for dinner with veg later….I hope to carry on like this for the next 7 days and have a decent weight loss

silverlining48 Tue 03-Jan-23 18:09:04

Snap BigBertha.
I had breakfast at 10 this morning, slice toast with half a banana, light lunch of one cracker with cream cheese and cucumber, half apple. Early dinner gammon and veg followed by fruit and yoghurt.
Trying to keep to just having a late breakfast and an early dinner missing out lunch. Though not today. Hope this helps me shift the excess blubber which has accumulated around my derriere. Is this called. 16:8?
Shirley yours sound a winner.

NanKate Tue 03-Jan-23 19:37:37

Hi folks, some of the old timers here know this Tip of mine, but her goes for the newbies.

I have eaten small portions at each meal today and then I saw DH had decanted a box in of chocs in the kitchen 🤪 so of course I ate one and was on the verge of messing up my whole day but scoffing another ! Then I remembered to immediately go upstairs are clean my teeth for the night at 7.00 pm, this took away the taste of the chocolate and the need to have another. It’s worked before. Give it a go.

silverlining48 Tue 03-Jan-23 19:47:59

I wish I had thought of doing that before I had 4 ferrero rochets 10 minutes ago. So much for my resolution to lose but tomorrow is another day. Yes cleaning teeth does work.