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Instow, north Devon

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Beechnut Sat 04-Jan-20 12:45:54

Do any grans live in, near or know Instow well ?

lemongrove Sat 04-Jan-20 12:53:00

Yes, I know it well, and the larger Appledore opposite it across the water.What would you like to know Beechnut ?😀

Grandad1943 Sat 04-Jan-20 13:06:49

My wife and I along with a group of friends visited Instow on New Years Day for a walk and some lunch. It is a wonderfull little town with a lovely beach on the estuary of the River Torridge.

The town is quiet in winter and virtually traffic free but a tourist mecca in summer as the beach is very safe for children. Not many everyday shops but plenty of good pubs, cafes and restaurants.

Plenty of parking in winter but can be very difficult in the height of summer. Supermarkets not too far distant by taking the B3233 or main A39 toward Barnstable as there is a large out of town shopping centre with several supermarkets etc on that route.

Hope this helps Beechnut.

lemongrove Sat 04-Jan-20 13:21:12

It isn’t a town Grandad it’s a village, with very little to do there ( although nice to visit for a walk along the sand).
Bideford is the nearest town for a lot of shops .Appledore just opposite is larger than Instow and with a large car park, more to do there ( wonderful old streets to wander, craft shops , museum etc).
We lived not too far away, and if you are thinking of living there, or of just visiting it’s very pleasant.If you are thinking of a holiday, choose Appledore, Bideford, Westward Ho! Over Instow as more to do.
Come back and tell us?

Sara65 Sat 04-Jan-20 13:36:31

It’s one of the loveliest places I know, I don’t know what it would be like to live there, but as a holiday destination, I love it.

threexnanny Sat 04-Jan-20 13:50:15

I agree that Instow is quieter than surrounding places but that's why we like it better. Lovely beach with sand dunes and nice places to eat. Parking at peek times in summer is very bad though.

Beechnut Sat 04-Jan-20 14:38:05

lemongrove I have always loved looking at maps especially places I have visited so it goes without saying that I feel the same about Google Maps.
Back in 1973 we went to Instow on holiday and stayed in a caravan. So I’ve been having a look but can’t see a caravan site. I did notice that there was a road called Rectory Lane and that sort of rang a bell and I can see houses on it and wondered if caravan park had been built on. On streeview though the houses look like they have been there longer and the lane looks very narrow. So I can’t think or see where it could have been. It’s not an important thing just me and my love of map looking and jogged by the fact we stayed for just a couple of days over Christmas in Braunton.

Beechnut Sat 04-Jan-20 14:39:01

Thank you Grandad

Beechnut Sat 04-Jan-20 14:40:56

Wherever it was the day after we got there we went to the dunes and went in the car but maybe that was because we wanted to do a little exploring

Beechnut Thu 09-Jan-20 08:33:58

Still wondering 🤨

travelnan Thu 09-Jan-20 16:02:44

As a resident of Instow I think the caravan site you stayed at was called Lagoon View. It is now a small housing estate. I agree Instow is a lovely village with the best grocers anywhere, it has been awarded National awards. It is very quiet now but come the Spring we will be overwhelmed with visitors, but must not complain.

Auntieflo Thu 09-Jan-20 16:09:55

Sorry I couldn't help you Beechnut, but as we were only holiday visitors, many years ago, my comments would have been out of date.
We did stay at a lovely cottage though, entered through a door into a courtyard, and had a super week there.

lemongrove Thu 09-Jan-20 16:13:41

There Beechnut you have your answer from travelnan😃I certainly don’t remember any caravans.
The best fish and chips around are over in Appeldore.....salivating just thinking of them!

Beechnut Fri 10-Jan-20 06:59:53

Thank you for your help everyone, especially lemongrove and travelnan.