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Draught proofing help

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Esspee Mon 10-Feb-20 08:53:58

An elderly neighbour (even older than me!) has near to gale force winds rattling through her house at the moment.
Are there any charities or services for the elderly that might help at minimal cost?

timetogo2016 Mon 10-Feb-20 09:01:10

You could contact your local council and she maybe entitled to a grant.
I hope that will be of help.

chelseababy Mon 10-Feb-20 10:06:08

Try asking Age UK?

Esspee Mon 10-Feb-20 15:57:48

@timetogo2016. @chelseababy
Thank you both for your suggestions. I’ll follow up on both.

M0nica Mon 10-Feb-20 17:22:24

Lots of information here.