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Cost of new tv aerial

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tanith Tue 11-Feb-20 08:02:17

Realised this morning my tv aerial is broken in the wind I’ve looked online but without putting all my contact details in I can’t get an estimate. Just wonder if anyone has a rough cost because they’ve needed to do similar.
It’s just a basic aerial,pole and new cable I’m thinking £150/200 is that realistic?

Gemini17892 Tue 11-Feb-20 08:16:52

I’m no expert but I bought an aerial on line for £11 which worked fine in our caravan when out and about. It’s a square of thin metal you plug into your tv set. I think you can use it without an outside pole or anything. I suppose a tv engineer is going to know better than me but I’m using a couple in the house on portable tvs no fuss at all.

Esspee Tue 11-Feb-20 08:17:18

Sounds about right. Last time I replaced mine I asked them to put it in our attic so no more weather related problems and reception is perfect.

JuliaM Tue 11-Feb-20 08:22:15

It rather depends on Area and type of ariel needed, the going rate locally in Derbyshire for a standard Ariel without any special booster features, fitted to a normal sized house, is around £120. However, expect to pay more than this if you need a booster Ariel or your roof is extra high and difficult to access.
London and the southern areas tend to charge higher rates due to the increased wages and cost of living. Look on your local Trusted Trader website to find a decent reputable trader, and get a price quote before you allow them to start the work.