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Leaflet drop offs at 7am

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Alexa Fri 06-Mar-20 07:55:46

I don't generally object to leaflets and charity bags being put through my letter box. However at 7am when they set the dog barking the drop offs wake me up too early.

Can grans please advise me how to stop early leaflet drop offs? Or would a sign on my door saying "no leaflets" suffice?

harrigran Fri 06-Mar-20 10:04:12

We have the same problem, anywhere from 6am.
Some of the leaflet droppers can't find the letterbox and stick them in the doorframe.
Initially we put up a notice saying where it was and an arrow pointing to the letterbox, it was ignored and DH decided that probably they could not read English.
We have rerun the CCTV and watched them because we were interested to see who was leaving the leaflets

rafichagran Fri 06-Mar-20 10:10:49

You can put a notice on the door saying no leaflets you be left.
I personally do not mind what time they come.

BlueBelle Fri 06-Mar-20 10:14:49

I expect they are kids trying to do it before they go to school
We always are encouraged them to get off their bums and do something so I d say ‘ let it go’ it’s not everyday is it ?

Probably they couldn’t read English a bit harsh and judgemental harrigran most visitors to our shores speak English a lot better than we do

rafichagran Fri 06-Mar-20 10:39:55

Good post Bluebell do we object when the paper boys/girls deliver the papers early ? People want there papers before they go to work.

Eglantine21 Fri 06-Mar-20 10:51:20

Anything that wakes me up early invokes my wrath!

However, when we were first married and very hard up I used to deliver leaflets before and after work so I do know why it happens.

Maybe a box by the gate? I know they might get wet but honestly the delivery person doesn’t care if you don’t.

I would have been glad not to have to walk up the path and you’d be surprised how sore your hands get with letterboxes!

TrendyNannie6 Fri 06-Mar-20 10:59:36

To be honest I don’t mind what time they del, yes my dog barks too,and it’s great to get our papers del early by the young lads before they go to school, why don’t you put a notice on your door if you are not happy!

Alexa Fri 06-Mar-20 12:39:24

I don;t put a notice on the door because a stranger ar the door makes the dog bark whoever they are.

It's legal to call outwith 11pm--7am.

I will think about Eglantine's idea of a box at the gate. Good idea in every way.