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Parky Thu 02-Apr-20 11:53:59

I enjoy gransnet as a new member, but was wondering how old you all are. I became a gran for the first time at 59 (kids were late starters!) I wouldn't have been bothered with what family call my old lady forum then but now at 74 have more time on my hands and find it interesting.

What made you join

maddyone Thu 02-Apr-20 15:53:48

I became a grandparent at 60, almost 61, when our daughter gave birth to boy/girl twins, the wonderful product of a highly stressful time due to IVF treatment. About 14 months later we were blessed again when our son adopted a little two year old, who then became our oldest grandchild. And yet later blessed again with our final grandchild was born, now two years old. However our older son has no children but his wife had two children during her first marriage, and we have a gorgeous step grandson, her grandson, who is three years old. We are blessed.

Franbern Thu 02-Apr-20 16:01:10

I joined originally, when the Forum I had been using had some very nasty comments and over-zealous moderation. The idea that this would become my secondary one, but as time has gone on, it is the first thing I look into in the morning when I turn on my laptop and use it throughout the day,
Through the house-buying thread I have made several wonderful friends, and hope that we will be able to meet up sometime when current crisis is past.
I also used to attend the local meet-ups where I used to live and was instrumental in getting one going in my new area - obviously on hold at present
In my family we do not become young mothers, so I was 58 when my first g,child was born some twenty years ago. Have eight of them now, with the youngest being 8 yrs old.
If we all get through these horrible months, then I am looking forward to having a really good family celebration for my 80th next summer,.

Charleygirl5 Thu 02-Apr-20 16:02:54

I have been a member for many years now- I do not have any children so no GC. I joined because I was able to help with my ex-professional opinion. I had a look around the threads so decided to stay. I now spend too much time online!

I meet up monthly with local GNs and also I meet up with GNs who live the other side of London. Both meetings are very different, we each get on well and I enjoy both.

Charleygirl5 Thu 02-Apr-20 16:04:01

Sorry, I forgot to say I am ancient, 76!

Dottydots Thu 02-Apr-20 16:05:11

I'm 78, but sadly I'm not a gran. Never mind, at least I look like one!

Eloethan Thu 02-Apr-20 16:42:01

First grandchild at 44. He is now 26.

I am approaching 70. I joined Gransnet about 7 or 8 years ago. I am a member of Mumsnet too, but mostly just to observe -
I rarely participate.

52bright Thu 02-Apr-20 16:49:16

I am 67 but will be 68 this month. 2 grandchildren. Eldest grandchild is 15 so I was 52 when I became a grandma.

HAZBEEN Thu 02-Apr-20 17:06:29

I became a grandmother at 44 having had my daughter at 21 and my grandson is now19. The only one I will have I am afraid as DD wont be able to have more. But My OH has 2 sons and 4 grandchildren although they are estranged.

HAZBEEN Thu 02-Apr-20 17:07:39

Forgot to say I will be 64 this month!

BlueSapphire Thu 02-Apr-20 17:19:00

First grandchild at 62, I'm nearly 75. Can't remember when I joined GN, lurked for years and only started posting about three years ago.

grannypiper Thu 02-Apr-20 17:38:43

I was 40 when i became a Gran.

TwiceAsNice Thu 02-Apr-20 17:45:58

Can’t remember how long it is since I joined. Quite a few years. Twin granddaughters born nearly 11 years ago when I was 56. I had my first child at 22, daughter at 33. They are my only grandchildren, my other daughter doesn’t have any children but is a very hands on aunty .

NanKate Thu 02-Apr-20 18:44:42

Became a Nan at 64 now 73 and a bit tatty round the edges.

Luckylegs Thu 02-Apr-20 18:51:51

I became a Grandma ten years ago at the age of 61. Son had a boy then our daughter had a girl 10 weeks later so after almost giving up on ever having grandchildren. I think I’ve been a member pretty much immediately but getting braver now and actually instigating posts sometimes!

harrigran Thu 02-Apr-20 19:48:33

I was 59 when first GC was born and 63 when the last one was born, I am 73 and have been here since the start.

Grandma70s Thu 02-Apr-20 20:04:41

I was 68 or 69 when my first grandchild was born. It didn’t seem late at all to me. My mother was 34 when she had me (her second child). I was 34 when I had my second child, my DIL was 34 when she had my grandson. I think that’s right. It seems quite normal to me!

Grandma70s Thu 02-Apr-20 20:06:09

PS I’m 80 now. Grandchildren are 11 and 7.

callgirl1 Thu 02-Apr-20 21:09:06

First grandchild at 48, 7 of them now, and 3 g/grandchildren. I`m nearly 77, joined GN in May 2011, not long after it started.

NotSpaghetti Thu 02-Apr-20 21:13:36

Can I just say "hello" to SlipperySlope - lovely to hear from you!

Parky Thu 02-Apr-20 22:03:49

Wow, what a fascinating bunch of grans we are. I have not really thought about being old, but with all the madness going on about 'vulnerable' over 70s beginning to feel it.

annodomini Thu 02-Apr-20 22:41:41

First GC at 51 and she is now 28. Go figure. I've been here since just after the start.

CanadianGran Thu 02-Apr-20 23:13:38

I'm 58, granny to 4. I joined last year so am still relatively a newcomer!

I love the informal chit-chat and tend not to get too involved in the political discussions, partly because of being in another country, and partly because I'm a bit chicken! haha

I do love the sense of community here. Welcome to all newcomers.

Bellanonna Fri 03-Apr-20 09:21:01

79. DGC of 5, 7 and 8. They should in theory be grown up
grandchildren by now, but that’s just how it’s worked out. It’s lovely to have them.

I’ve been on GN for about 6 years.

henetha Fri 03-Apr-20 10:22:43

I'm really ancient compared to many of you, at 82. But I don't feel it in my head.
I became a Nan at 52 and have 4 grandchildren, the youngest is 17.
I've been on GN for years, cannot remember how many.

Gagagran Fri 03-Apr-20 10:23:10

I joined in the first couple of months and have been mainly taking a watching role for the last year due to personal issues. First became a Gran at 58 and am now 76 with 4 beloved teenage GC - 3 girls and 1 boy. Lights of my life along with their parents and DH - married 55 years in July this year if we survive CV-19.

Still get a surprise to see "Gaga" as part of user name for other GNs - thought I had trademarked it. Hey ho!