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Has anyone tried those Footners hard skin removing things?

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phoenix Mon 13-Apr-20 17:40:28

Hello all, good wishes to you.

Yes, the observant among you have probably reduced that I'm on a bit of a maintenance thing at present, what with the hair removal cream and now this blush

My hooves feet are horrendous shock not helped by the fact I'm always barefoot indoors. I have said before, not sure if I need a chiropodist or a farrier.

Ordered these after seeing in an article about home pedicures in the Telegraph on Saturday which said experts did * not* recommend them (always a rebel! wink) and they arrived today.

Apparently you should cover the upper surface of you feet with Vaseline, haven't got any, so my initial impulse to get stuck in is on hold sad

However, taking this as an opportunity to ask you if any of you have experience and advice!


GrannyGravy13 Mon 13-Apr-20 17:45:00

Do you mean the little plastic bootees that you put on, leave for a couple of hours and rinse off?

If so yes, I use them regularly (bit disgusting when you start shedding skin, anywhere between 7-10 days after application). I has to explain to the Male radiographer when he x-rayed my broken foot and ankle blush

Sussexborn Mon 13-Apr-20 17:55:40

I used them a while back. Certainly not instant results as I expected but like GG13 I was shedding heel skin for a week or two after.

phoenix Mon 13-Apr-20 17:58:06

These ones say I hour, GrannyGravy

Some of the reviews mentioned putting Vaseline on the upper part of your feet, but can't see that in the instruction leaflet.

shysal Mon 13-Apr-20 18:34:19

I bought some last year but have been nervous about using them. I don't know whether the newly exposed skin will be sore. I did read that it is good to soak the feet before applying. Vaseline on the tops sounds like a good idea.
Hope you will report back afterwards phoenix.

Alima Mon 13-Apr-20 19:06:04

I bought some from Avon a few months ago and actually got round to using them yesterday. Bit soon for any skin shedding but they feel lovely and soft. Had not read/been informed to use Vaseline, can see it would help to stop the tops of your feet getting the stuff on them though so far there has been no adverse effect. Had to leave the “ boots”on for one hour.

Doodledog Mon 13-Apr-20 19:13:52

I love them! They are right on the border between fascinating and revolting grin, and your feet feel so soft and smooth after you use them.

NanKate Mon 13-Apr-20 19:48:35

I have a different approach. I use a Boots foot file (like a big nail file with a wooden handle). After exfoliating my feet I then have a shower and then use O’Keefe’s foot cream, just a few blobs. I then put on socks. The foot cream is mega and I also use their hand cream as my hands had become sore with all this washing palaver. I have the smoothest feet and hands in the county ??

Whitewavemark2 Mon 13-Apr-20 19:49:20

I miss my chiropodist!

I have no hard skin she is brilliant, but I also use a wonderful foot cream every day after my shower. I also use at the moment cream to prevent foot fungus as I was surprised to learn that it creates hard skin. It is gone now but I’m using it until my podiatrist says stop.

Just like the virus foot hygiene is essential and I change and wash my slippers daily and wipe the insides of my shoes with medical stuff. Plus before I got rid of the foot fungus I bleached the shower every time I used it and washed the towel etc every couple of days.

Been doing that for about 9 months and it has paid dividends. My feet are soft and pink?

phoenix Mon 13-Apr-20 19:54:10

I don't wear slippers, Whitewave never have and can't imagine starting now!

Perhaps the barefoot thing adds to my hard skin???

BlueSapphire Mon 13-Apr-20 20:08:26

My DD highly recommends Burts Bees coconut foot cream.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 13-Apr-20 20:11:26

Well I suppose it might do pheonix your skin has a lot to put up with. Think of a dogs pads they are very hard. Not that you run around with naked feet outdoors I assume?

I actually hate feet they give me the whim whams.

I must cut my toe nails which is very hit and miss as I can’t see what I’m doing and can’t bend very well. Thought I’d do one toe properly a day.

Doodle Mon 13-Apr-20 20:14:10

Large scale hair removal and now hooves needing treatment.
phoenix are you going through some form of identity crisis. Do you think perhaps you have confused yourself with some kind of animal? You haven’t got a my little pony fixation have you? ??

GagaJo Mon 13-Apr-20 20:36:16

phoenix, did you do the wax and Q Tips in your nostrils thing?

I've had a pack of those foot things for 6 months and haven't dared do them yet.

phoenix Mon 13-Apr-20 22:05:46

"Q Tips in your nostrils" confused

GagaJo did I miss something?

GagaJo Mon 13-Apr-20 22:17:23


Dollymc1 Mon 13-Apr-20 22:34:27

I usually keep on top of mine with a Scholl battery operated thingy.
My daughter bought me a kit, a foot soak and a really smooth hard skin remover, it looks like a piece of soap, which works a treat
I can't stop looking at my feet, such a difference
Sorry phoenix, I've not tried Footners, but I wholly recommend this piece of kit

Dollymc1 Mon 13-Apr-20 22:36:31

I hesitate to mention the brand, in case anyone thinks I am promoting it, but feel free to PM?

FlyingHandbag Tue 21-Apr-20 14:03:51

Hi! I use this and find it very good!

phoenix Tue 21-Apr-20 14:19:40

Dollymc1 it's fine to post that info on here, doesn't count as advertising!

Flyinghandbag thanks, but that might count as advertising, it mentions "club price"?

FlyingHandbag Tue 21-Apr-20 14:38:48

Phoenix oh right, sorry I didn’t see that. Any brand will suffice as long as it is teatree and peppermint.