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Lockdown looks - what stage are you at?

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Riverwalk Sun 03-May-20 17:11:42

I'm near the end.

shysal Sun 03-May-20 17:27:16

Very amusing! grin
I am a cross between 10 and 12. Hair is a fuzzy bush and I am gaining weight from all the baking!

Smileless2012 Sun 03-May-20 17:34:36

RiverwalkgrinI'm managing to keep my very short hair under control with a thinning comb and a pair of hair dressing scissors, and my weight under control by walking the dogs and exercising 5 times a week.

BBbevan Sun 03-May-20 18:00:12

I am the one in the middle. Except my hair is silver. I hope to have plaits by the end.

Nannytrace Sun 03-May-20 18:21:36

I am 100% the whole bottom row. 😂

Deedaa Sun 03-May-20 19:17:57

I'm the one in the middle and managing not to deteriorate any further at the moment! grin