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Hand held sewing machine

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Stoker48 Sun 24-May-20 09:24:23

Has anyone experience of using these, please?
I was never good at sewing when at school, used to get in a right mess. I generally could not even get off first base threading up the sewing machine without getting into a twist.
I live in a very small house without a substantial table so thinking a hand held device may be easier to use with no storage problems.
It’s just for straight forward sewing. I made a swing, circle skirt - basically just a big circle with a hole in middle for my waist. I used a duvet cover for material. Looks rather fab, much to my surprise!
Could hand sew it, of course, but, flush with success, once car boot sales restart and I can buy more vintage duvets, I’m keen to make more.
With thanks smile

GGumteenth Sun 24-May-20 09:27:07

I don't think it's designed for constant use Stoker48 but then I have never used one and I doubt that I would. Could you work on a kitchen worktop?

Elegran Sun 24-May-20 09:39:56

I have seen some of these which do a chain stitch, not a locked stitch. Chain stitch can come under done very easily so I would avoid it. Could you get a folding table and use a small light-weight (not handheld) machine on it, then put the table away behind a sofa or similar when you are finished with it?

Elegran Sun 24-May-20 09:40:18

undone, not underdone!

Luckygirl Sun 24-May-20 10:00:35

I think they are just for running repairs, or maybe a hem.

Elegran Sun 24-May-20 10:43:26

For sewing you do need a table for more than just the machine. Cutting out, for example - crawling round the floor is hard on the knees and back - and putting pieces together on a flat surface.

silverlining48 Sun 24-May-20 10:48:38

Places like hobbycraft sell much smaller sewing machines but they are limited in what they can do ie only very thin material etc. but they can cost more than standard size machines. I got mine last year in Aldi fir about £30. It’s lightweight too. I wouldn't recommend a hand held one. Not that I am expert.

Stoker48 Wed 27-May-20 17:32:39

Thank you all so much for taking time to reply.
I won’t go with the hand held one for all the reasons you outline but I’ll keep eye out in Aldi . That sounds just the job.
Thanks again x