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How do you keep old pictures?

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CorneliaStreet Thu 04-Jun-20 05:26:29

Do you keep them in the albums or did you digitize them? My DD offers to make them digital and colorize but I don't know whether these colorful digital pictures would still be mine, you know? Even though I know it's much more convenient and I can look through the photos any time a want from my tablet. Still, I'm not sure it will be the same. How would you feel about that?

BlueBelle Thu 04-Jun-20 05:44:32

I do both I keep them on my iPad and for the special ones I use one of the 45 free prints a month apps and keep them in albums
Love my albums

cornergran Thu 04-Jun-20 06:45:20

Both here too. The iMac, suitably backed up, stores the more recent photos, older ones are on a separate hard drive. Photo albums are comprehensive! I love them, often have a browse. All photos in the albums are described with place and date plus names of people. Major holidays have their own photo book. Our lot say I’m obsessive , maybe but it keeps me happy smile.

Willow500 Thu 04-Jun-20 06:51:43

I wish I was so organise cornergran! I have a lot on my iMac in albums but am at a loss what to do with all the albums that are not digitised - far too many to scan. I also have copies on my iPad but they are not synced as it's all changed over the years and I'm worried they'll disappear if I try. I have copies on external hard drives, copies on flash drives and more copies on another pc. I thought once I'd retired I'd get round to sorting it out but it's too big a task I fear hmm

dragonfly46 Thu 04-Jun-20 07:26:03

I have all my recent pictures on the ICloud but the old ones are still in albums. I have many!

CathTheWise Thu 04-Jun-20 08:29:29

I understand you, so I keep my photos both digitally and in the photo books. The biggest pro of keeping you photos in digital is that you can get rid of all the scratches and stains. I'm not a great fan of recoloring pictures, as I believe that black and white photos have their own magic, but I spend some time with Photoglory (it's a really good program for restoring old photos) while making some of the oldest pictures look better. I'd never want to make them colorful, tho.

Oopsadaisy3 Thu 04-Jun-20 08:36:57

I scanned every single photo I possess and put them onto a CD for each of my DDs for them to keep some years ago, I rarely get actual photos any more , some are printed off, but all are on my PC, external Hard Drives and all are on one cloud or another.
For DHs birthday DD1 sent an external hard drive with hundreds of videos and photos of the GCs from when they were born to the present day, we are still looking through them, it’s lovely to see their first ballet class and school nativity plays when they were little. Quite emotional though as Some family members are on there that are no longer with us.

Cabbie21 Thu 04-Jun-20 08:55:04

Dealing with my photos, both actual and digital, is on my list of my lockdown tasks. Needless to say I haven’t started yet, I am daunted by the task.

Moggycuddler Thu 04-Jun-20 09:16:09

Loads of them from years ago in albums and old shoe boxes. And loads stored on my phone and laptop.

BlueSky Thu 04-Jun-20 09:21:44

I've kept my old card photos in their original condition in a box. They are all in there jumbled up from various eras.
My new digital ones are just on my computer and phone.
I do like the old fashioned photos but it's so quick and easy with the new age ones!

Humbertbear Thu 04-Jun-20 09:36:03

I had shelves full of old albums and I’ve been through and thrown out all the photos of views - I don’t want to look at Cyprus 1993, so why would anyone else? I digitised a lot of photos and circulated them within the family. All the photos of people have been put into envelopes classified by year and I am in the process of putting them into large albums (With the people labelled) so I can pass them on.

Bluedaisy Thu 04-Jun-20 09:46:01

Scrapbooking and memory albums is my hobby. I’ve so far taken most of my old photos out of all the old type sticky back albums (that yellow photos) and put them after sorting out thoroughly in acid & liguine free albums on beautiful papers with pretty embellishments, dated the photos as best I could and wrote a little memory of the important ones. It’s my hobby so I enjoy doing it. When my Mum passed away 4 years ago it coincided with us moving which ended up taking 3 years (a long story 🙄) so all Photos have been stored but I’m getting my craft room ready to start again. I’ve told my son where I’ve tucked information about some of the great great grandparents photos are in said albums, hopefully in many years to come my son, grandson and hopefully great grandchildren will enjoy my efforts. I’ve also made sure that I’ve got rid of any multiples or ‘boring’ photos at the same time. I think sometimes it’s nicer to flick through proper albums and the ones I’ve created so far will now stay in good condition for at least a 100 years. My Son can dump the holiday albums but will hopefully pass on the family photo type albums in years to come. Even now himself and his wife love to flick through them.

Lexisgranny Thu 04-Jun-20 09:49:50

I took up scrapbooking a few years ago, and made family history scrapbooks using old photos which I had copied. Since then I have bought decorative boxes for my sons and grandchildren for each to have a copies of all my photographs. I also added a family history relating back 4 generations, together with stories relating to people whose names they have heard, but never met, together with some keepsakes. I digitised all the old photos, and we have favourites on phone and iPad. We have kept our albums. I also keeping adding to individual memory sticks for each box as new photos are taken. I have, in later years, been really sorry I didn’t ask more questions about the family, particularly when I took up Family History. (I haven’t yet got round to copying the family tree which goes back so far to c1700) I hope I will have answered any questions they may have in the future. If not interested they can just laugh at the fashions!

Applegran Thu 04-Jun-20 10:38:15

I am daunted - I have thousands of photos which need sorting. I realise that all those pictures of mountains and lakes and lovely landscapes won't mean much if anything to the future generations, and it is pictures of people which matter. Also, I may be the only one who knows who everyone is - including Victorian photos (not sure about all of these - writing names and dates on the back is so important!) and ones from the early 20th century. I think there may be too many to digitise but do want to get them sorted and in albums. There is lots to do and I'm on a long 'pause' at the moment!

Bijou Thu 04-Jun-20 10:46:16

My hundreds of photos from 1945 onwards are all in albums and indexed. Others like those of my grandma in the 1870s when she was sixteen ( Wearing elaborate dress with bustle and huge hat) and my uncles in the 1914 war etc. are in envelops.
My grandson recently married and wanted his wife to see what he was like as a boy and I was able to show all his school photos etc.

Theoddbird Thu 04-Jun-20 10:46:46

They are in boxes in youngest daughter's loft.

gran5up Thu 04-Jun-20 10:46:54

Some years ago, BC (before computer) I took lots of old photos of members of family, made copies of any precious ones and cut the rest up to make a collage of each member on a table mat, which was then covered with,"stcky back plastic" to make them waterproof. Table mats were from charity shop. Family love to use "their" own mat to mark the seating order at table and we also have a Christmas mat each. Keeps the memories on view rather than shut in a drawer.

Romola Thu 04-Jun-20 10:50:39

Applegran, I'm in the same boat as you, and resolve to do some sorting.
When our mother died, my IT-savvy sister went though everything and made a digital album for the family.
I really don't want to leave superfluous "stuff" for the ACs to sort out after I'm dead.

Lizbethann55 Thu 04-Jun-20 11:34:15

Like Bluebell we have just started using one of the 45 free photos a month apps. We aren't at all techy so all these ways of keeping photos is beyond us . We realised that all our photos going back about 5 years are all on our phone and in serious trouble of getting lost so we have noe started going through them and just choosing the ones we like best. Between us we can get 90 photos. It is really nice to have "proper" photos to look at again. I had forgotten how much I missed it.

LinAnn52 Thu 04-Jun-20 11:37:14

I spent the first few weeks of lockdown sorting the hundreds (1000’s) of photos in old albums and boxes. I bought some storage boxes from Amazon, specifically for photos and tried to make some order of them. They still take up as much room on shelves! I cannot imagine what our sons will do with them! I wish I had been more ruthless, but as usual my sentimentality won.

Gwenisgreat1 Thu 04-Jun-20 11:41:27

Oh dear! I have over 50 years worth of photos. Mostly in the packets as when developed. It makes me think when I have time, I should sort them and give DDs those appropriate to them. Fortunately those taken in the last 10 years are in Icloud!!

Janiepops Thu 04-Jun-20 11:53:49

Cornelia, have you ever come across something called junk journaling? It isn’t what it sounds like!! The end results are really beautiful. Look on utube,there is loads of examples, some brilliant,some a bit average,but a brilliant way of storing/displaying your precious pics/things.

dolphindaisy Thu 04-Jun-20 12:04:11

Like many others I have been going through old photos and discarding all the views, some of them even I can't remember where they are never mind future generations. I have to admit I have also discarded most of the unflattering photos, don't want future descendants seeing a fat old woman with a big nose! I also have more recent photos on Ipad and hard drive but what happens to them in the future? We used to have cine films which we had transferred to disc, but these will soon be obsolete. What about all those old video films with nothing to play them on? I think old fashioned photos are the best way to preserve images for the future.

Maggiemaybe Thu 04-Jun-20 12:10:59

I’ve spent hours recently sorting ours. We've been on so many holidays for starters and I used to print out all my photos of each one. I don’t even want to look at those 20 odd views of the Great Wall mostly featuring either DH or me, so I can’t imagine that my family will. Most of them were still in the packets they arrived in, complete with negatives, and it was surprising how many I’d duplicated. I filled several bags and kept a few of each trip, sorted and dated. Family and other photos I’ve pruned and sorted into boxes with dated index cards. Unlike others I’ve emptied most of the bulky photo albums and the photos have gone in the boxes as well. I’ve got shelf space at last! 😊

This was just my first sift. Next time I’m going to be more ruthless.

All photos from the past ten years or so are safely on my phone, the portable computer drive and in the Cloud, with just a few printed out for display. So much better, and I actually look at my favourites more often.

grandtanteJE65 Thu 04-Jun-20 12:34:27

I re-photographed old photos of our grandparents, kept the digital version on my computer and gave the originals to the cousins I share those grandparents with.

Other family photos are in albums from the years where my mother or I put them into albums. I rarely look at them, as the photos I want to look at are standing around in frames.

If we ever move from here, those albums will probably be thrown out, as no-one will want them, once I die.