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Something warm to raise my spirits.

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Gr8dame Thu 02-Jul-20 07:59:57

Still under lockdown for health reasons I saw a strawberry pink velour tracksuit on the Madeleine website that I thought would be useful and cheer me up. It’s not cheap and there are no reviews which I found rather odd. Has anyone else bought from this manufacturer please and are their items good quality and true to size? I’m normally a 10/12 pear shape.

Oopsadaisy3 Thu 02-Jul-20 08:35:10

I always look at the online reviews of any company that I haven’t dealt with before, particularly for online shopping.
If you look at the reviews for Madeleine, you can at least have a taste of what is going on and decide whether you want to deal with them.

Oopsadaisy3 Thu 02-Jul-20 08:35:35

PS trust pilot has reviews

PinkCakes Thu 02-Jul-20 13:13:09

Vicky Pollard springs to mind................yeh but no but yeh but no