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QuickFire9 Sat 04-Jul-20 18:36:43

Hi, This is my first post. My daughter is due her first baby in a month and I was wondering as people by presents for the new baby what could I give her. She will have done all the hard work. She’s not a gushy person so wouldn’t like a piece of jewellery. I just wondered if anyone had any ideas what I could give her. Thank you.

tanith Sat 04-Jul-20 18:48:18

Some kind of pamper pack with her favourite perfume/ chocolates included.

welbeck Sat 04-Jul-20 19:13:04

peace and quiet to be with the baby on their own, without any attempted guilting them to get in on competitive grandparenting. respect their autonomy as the parents.
wait until unless specifically asked to visit.
don't bother them. don't be pushy. stand back. wait.
see some other threads for what to avoid doing.

Marydoll Sat 04-Jul-20 19:53:11

I made a pamper pack for my sister in law, as I too felt she had done all the hard work. It included things like, a hair rescue pack, a soothing face mask, foot soak and foot cooling gel, as her ankles were still very swollen after the birth. There were lots of bits and pieces all packed in a pretty basket. You could offer to babsit, while your daughter had a long soak and pampered herself.

Bibbity Sat 04-Jul-20 20:16:15

I saw a brilliant one on Facebook before.
It was a real practical one.
So frozen maternity pads with I think tea tree oil, arnica tablets, bio oil, chilled breast pads. Basically everything someone needs to recover from birth.

ElaineI Sat 04-Jul-20 21:36:16

Snacks you can eat when feeding, tops for breast feeding as you go through loads, same with nighties or PJs, safety cup to keep your tea/coffee warm, misting spray to cool you down, nice skin care products.

Whingingmom Sat 04-Jul-20 21:51:50

A voucher for a meal delivery service such as GO Fresh, Gousto or Mindful Chef?
No shopping or meal planning, quick fresh and healthy ready prepped meals to cook.

Starblaze Sat 04-Jul-20 21:59:35

Pamper pack with a strong connection to what she might need, nipple creams and skin healing creams can be quite expensive when you already have the expense of a new baby. Anything she didn't know she might need. A really comfy pair of pyjamas would.probably be appreciated, some new slippers etc

Dollymc2 Sat 04-Jul-20 22:02:15

I think that the best present you could give is just for her to know that you are there when she needs you, but don't push it. They need their own time at first
I dropped meals off, without going inside, I took washing and ironing home
After a while, when her OH had gone back to work, I went to look after the baby while she had a bath and a little sleep
No grand gestures, but it worked for us

agnurse Sat 04-Jul-20 22:48:25

Some ideas based on my mum's practices and my experience working with new mums:

-some nice shower gel for her
-maybe some dry shampoo and leave-in conditioner for those days she doesn't have time to shower
-cotton PJs or a cotton nightie (cotton is better as you sweat a lot after giving birth; it's how your body gets rid of the extra blood volume)
-breast pads and lanolin-based cream if you know she's breastfeeding
-a meal or two; something she can put in the freezer and just pop in the oven or microwave
-comfy slippers
-maybe a water bottle; many ladies find that if they're breastfeeding they need more water and having a water bottle to hand while feeding is helpful

Feelingmyage55 Sat 04-Jul-20 22:56:53

A special chair? There used to be nursing chairs with no arms.

Hithere Sun 05-Jul-20 00:10:19

Only you know your dd and you know what she likes.

A material present may not be the way to go, maybe yes.

Oopsminty Sun 05-Jul-20 00:13:39

If she's anything like me, books. Lots of them!