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Advice on buying simple telescope

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Stoker48 Thu 09-Jul-20 17:07:32

I’ve hankered after a telescope for years.
I’m not at all practical or tech savvy so thought perhaps if I buy a child’s one it would be simple and straightforward, albeit more limited. I like to keep things simple as I’m on my own and get stressed when I can’t work things out!!
Has anyone experience- wondered if you may have had grandchildren who own one if you dont yourself .
Thank you

J52 Thu 09-Jul-20 17:27:53

I went to a camera specialist, Jessops, to buy ours. I think you’d be disappointed with a child’s version. The shop had the technical knowledge and advised what was suitable for our needs. We bought a sturdy tripod separately.
Our GCs use it with ease. I’d tell you the make, but it’s at our 2nd house.

ladymuck Thu 09-Jul-20 18:34:04

From my own experience, I would advise you to get the best you can afford. A cheap one would be false economy.