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What is this?

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kittylester Sun 19-Jul-20 11:02:19

Found this in our garden this morning. There is another small pile that is on a paving stone but is 'drying up' (?) in the heat. It looks like big, but clear, frogspawn.

But,what is it?

Callistemon Sun 19-Jul-20 11:09:57

Or 'Star jelly' from a meteor shower?

kittylester Sun 19-Jul-20 11:12:46

Dont think its fungus callistemon as the other bit is drying up and it wasn't there yesterday.

BlueBelle Sun 19-Jul-20 11:17:02

My first thought was fungus I have a spectacular one on an old tree stump

ninathenana Sun 19-Jul-20 13:25:12

Salt crystals that have oozed from the slabs

tanith Sun 19-Jul-20 13:31:52

Snail or slug eggs?

Septimia Sun 19-Jul-20 15:42:00

Tanith you could well be right.

MiniMoon Sun 19-Jul-20 16:39:22

Looks like wet silica gel. Have you had any parcels delivered with the little sachets inside?

Esspee Sun 19-Jul-20 17:08:47

Water retaining crystals which you add to hanging baskets look like this.

Gaunt47 Sun 19-Jul-20 17:13:16

Snail eggs.