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Daughter‘s 30th birthday present. Help needed.

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DiscoDancer1975 Tue 21-Jul-20 12:20:10

Hi everyone, this is quite vague, but I would like to buy my daughter a music box for her 30th. No problem with that, there are loads to choose from. However, my daughter has written and produced musicals....just for pleasure, but it is her passion. I would love to put one of her own songs on the music box. Does anyone know how I may be able to do this? Perhaps you’re someone who makes them to order. I would love to hear any suggestions. Thank you.

midgey Tue 21-Jul-20 13:03:12

What an amazing idea!

Missfoodlove Tue 21-Jul-20 13:33:57

This may help.

ginny Tue 21-Jul-20 17:06:22

Wow, that sounds like a perfect gift. Do let us know if you manage to get it done.

DiscoDancer1975 Tue 21-Jul-20 17:52:24

Thank you for your replies. I’ll have a look at that site*Missfoodlove*. I’ll let you know🤗