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How can this meet the regulations for social distancing etc?

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25Avalon Tue 04-Aug-20 14:21:25

My church is short of funds, like most at the moment, so have come up with the idea of a church yard sale. Locals have all had a leaflet asking for donations of things to sell when the sale is held in the churchyard in a couple of weeks time. How on earth are they going to meet the Covid regulations? Ok it’s outside and presumably one customer per stall But if someone picks something up and then puts it down is it going to get sanitised? Maybe I am being over cautious but I for one won’t be going as it doesn’t seem very safe although they can certainly have my clearance items.What does anyone else think?

Teetime Tue 04-Aug-20 14:25:43

I dont know specifically about this but in the shops people pick things up and put them down - did it myself in Sainsbury this morning. No-one is sanitising the items in there.

lemongrove Tue 04-Aug-20 14:37:14

The stall holders could wear masks and stand back behind the stalls?
Change still has to be given ( but it does in shops) so the helpers could use hand sanitiser every so often.
It isn’t an ideal time to do this, but if it really has to be done there are ways around it by being careful.

BlueBelle Tue 04-Aug-20 16:31:49

Well Yes you are being over cautious because everything is being touched in every shop, every day, if you go to a supermarket and pick up a tin of beans then decide you don’t want beans, you put it back on the shelf
I m working in a charity shop so I m always tidying up and putting things back on the shelf, they ve been touched Then the check out shop assistant may touch the goods you hand her to check the price or the label everything is being touched all the time

humptydumpty Tue 04-Aug-20 16:34:28

Take the precaution of not touching your face until after, then put any items to one side and leave for 72h, then wash hands thoroughly for 20sec - surely that's enough?

Sussexborn Tue 04-Aug-20 16:35:26

As well as the people in he stock room, the shelf filler and the factory/farm.

geekesse Tue 04-Aug-20 16:56:28

Ask everyone to use hand sanitiser as they enter the churchyard, and have a dispenser of the same on each stall. If people’s hands are clean when they pick up stuff, there’s very little chance of them passing on the virus.

Auntieflo Tue 04-Aug-20 17:19:16

Just a thought, but if this is going to be outside, surely the stall holders will not have to wear a mask?

PinkCakes Tue 04-Aug-20 17:24:58

I think you are being over-cautious. Groceries are touched by various people - factory conveyor belt worker, the packers, delivery drivers, shop assistants putting the stuff on shelves, then customers, check-out staff. Do you think all of those people sanitise their hands/the items? No.

The stallholders should be washing their hands, then the customer can wear a mask (if they feel better by doing so), then they can wash their hands when they get home.

SueDonim Tue 04-Aug-20 18:03:24

As well as the suggestions here, you could ask people to minimise touching items unless they’re fairly certain they will buy them.