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How to delete a post?

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Lucymodest Tue 04-Aug-20 22:47:58

Or posts

MaizieD Tue 04-Aug-20 22:51:18

If it's one of your own you report it to the moderators and ask for it to be removed. They will remove it for you. They are very obliging in that respect.

Callistemon Tue 04-Aug-20 22:52:15

You have to report your own posts to GNHQ.
Click on Report at the top of the post.

Callistemon Tue 04-Aug-20 23:27:37

Go for it Lucymodest!!

See what happens

ExD Mon 10-Aug-20 14:24:01

I would love to know if it worked!

BlueBelle Mon 10-Aug-20 16:41:26

It does work I did it once When I accidently posted in the wrong thread using the report button