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Buying new sofas

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Stoker48 Sun 16-Aug-20 11:42:20

I’m not sure if this question is allowed....
Please delete immediately if it isn’t.
Spent ages looking for new sofas. Finally found ones we like only to look at various review websites and much of the feed back is not good to say the least.
May I ask if anyone purchased from Sofology and what your experience was?
Thank you

B9exchange Sun 16-Aug-20 12:04:55

Haven't bought from them, but reviews look okay, bar the latest. We have ordered three sofas from Oakridge Direct, which is now SofaSofa and been delighted at both the quality and the price. But range is a bit limited I suppose.

quizqueen Sun 16-Aug-20 12:33:47

Owen Wilson is so annoying in the tv adverts, I wouldn't buy from them for that reason alone!!

Sar53 Sun 16-Aug-20 12:35:24

quizqueen I totally agree !!!

Stoker48 Sun 16-Aug-20 12:41:06

Thank you very much for prompt replies.
There are several review sites. Martin Lewis site particularly scathing. Last time we purchased was 1992. Duresta. . Fancy recliners so cuts down choice somewhat.
Such an expense, makes me twitchy committing!

DiscoGran Sun 16-Aug-20 12:50:46

Well, my tip would be to think carefully about the colour. My once beautiful cream sofa is now looking a bit grubby, and we haven't had it a year yet. 🙄

Peardrop50 Sun 16-Aug-20 13:05:23

We paid lots of money for a deep red leather suite three years ago, I grew to hate it over a period of....................five minutes after unpacking.

Mr P quite likes it but has been ground down by my constant 'banging on about it', every day. He has finally agreed to give it to son and daughter-in-law who think it's lovely. It will probably look fine in their modern house.

Funds for the replacement are limited so I have been looking at the ektorp range in the Ikea catalogue. I believe covers in various colours are also easy to come by from various sources.

Don't want to go in store to try out because of covid-19 fear so no idea if they're comfortable or not.

Has anyone bought these cheap and cheerful sofas?

Nannylovesshopping Sun 16-Aug-20 13:16:44

I’ve got two Ikea sofas, the gronlid range, love them and cheap as chips, great delivery price for the two, but they do have to be put together, fortunately I have a terrific son-in-law who loves an Ikea challenge, both done in 45 minutes, easy peasy he said😂

avitorl Sun 16-Aug-20 13:26:44

I have sofas from SofaSofa which have washable loose covers. They sell replacement covers too so I can have a change without it being too expensive, I have cream for summer and yellow for winter,which give a whole different feel to my living room.
They are made in Wales.

Chardy Sun 16-Aug-20 13:41:54

I love SofaSofa

cornergran Sun 16-Aug-20 22:20:54

If not too far away there is a display area at Sofa Sofa. We went across, tried several and are more than pleased with the sofa we bought.

avitorl Sun 16-Aug-20 23:19:44

I have found their service to be very good. I think you can return sofas up to 2 weeks if you aren't happy with them which makes buying online less risky.
Samples of materials are also sent which gives a much better idea of the actual colour ordered.