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Stoker48 Sun 23-Aug-20 16:39:05

We re did our Wills last year by visiting a Will Writing company in their offices.
They suggested we could have the Will stores at a central point ( about 20 miles away) for £35 per annum.
It’s up for its first renewal and I’m looking at it with fresh eyes. Does anyone else use such a service? I’ve just had a very quick google and it looks like you can store your Will at “ any local probate registry” for a one of charge of £20.00.
We are 67 and if we live for another 20 years that would be £735 for storage, against £20.
Am I missing something here?
Thanks in advance

Marydoll Sun 23-Aug-20 16:46:49

We have ours stored in our home in a fireproof box.

Riverwalk Sun 23-Aug-20 16:49:08

I renewed my will at the beginning of the year - I did it through a solicitor not a will writing service, whatever that might be.

I have a copy, as do my two sons, sister, and the solicitor.

I suspect any savings you may have made by not using a solicitor will be more than matched by 'storage' services.

BBbevan Sun 23-Aug-20 16:50:30

We have one at home and a copy with our solicitor, which costs nothing .

Maggiemaybe Sun 23-Aug-20 17:00:33

Yes, same as others, we have a copy and so does our solicitor (at no charge). I was wondering if we should have looked at cheaper options for our recent update, but perhaps it’s a case of swings and roundabouts?

Maggiemaybe Sun 23-Aug-20 17:01:55

The one off charge of £20 looks reasonable though.

Nortsat Sun 23-Aug-20 18:06:26

We have ours stored at home in a metal Deed Box.
The box belonged to my grandfather and then my father. It holds all our certificates, wills etc.

Chewbacca Sun 23-Aug-20 18:26:58

One copy in my home safe and the other copy with DS.

Liz46 Sun 23-Aug-20 18:33:19

I have a metal cabinet that I brought home from the bank where I used to work. They had a refurbishment and staff were allowed to take any desks or cabinets that they wanted. All my important papers, including our wills, are in hanging files.

I review my money regularly and have a spread sheet at the beginning of the file. Any certificates are filed in the same order behind the spreadsheet.

Calendargirl Sun 23-Aug-20 18:33:27

Will stored at solicitors, we have a copy. It’s not the solicitors who did the will, but they took over a local bank with huge strongroom, and offered to store wills and deeds free of charge, so we took advantage of this, and subsequently moved our business to them, which was obviously what they hoped people would do.

cornergran Mon 24-Aug-20 00:23:12

Our wills are stored free of charge with the solicitor who wrote them. You’re right, stoker the annual fee from the will writing service could be astronomical should you live a long life. It’s hard to see how that much can be justified. You could keep your wills safely at home in a fire proof secure box or use the probate registry, either way give a copy to each executor first and make sure they know where the originals are. I don’t think I’d be paying the will writing service.

Tanjamaltija Mon 24-Aug-20 09:42:47

Why would you store your will anywhere except at home or, if push comes to shove, at a safety deposit box at the Bank?

Kartush Mon 24-Aug-20 09:44:52

Ours is stored at our solicitor, we may have a copy here at home but not sure about that one

patchworksue Mon 24-Aug-20 09:46:26

I updated my will last year with a solicitor, they have a copy , I’ve got a copy so have my 2 executors .... you don’t need to pay storage!

Moggycuddler Mon 24-Aug-20 09:52:00

Our wills are just kept in a box at home where our other "important papers" are kept. Our daughter knows where it is.

Lucy127 Mon 24-Aug-20 10:00:33

My Will was written by local solicitor and is held in their vault free of charge.

I’ve never known any solicitors to charge for storing Wills they drafted, even if they are not written in to act in due course.

Advised my Executor and son and provided copy of same.

I plan (good intentions here) to list bank accounts, credit cards, utilities details, and all necessary information. Photo copies and/or screen prints might make life easier for you here - maybe. Plus my favourite music, etc., for the service. This can then be placed in file at home. I can’t afford pre-payment funeral but I thought I should do as much as I can to help.

Trust this assists you.

Juicylucy Mon 24-Aug-20 10:05:23

At home in a box with all important paperwork so both dds know where it is.

Stoker48 Mon 24-Aug-20 10:10:17

Thank you, everyone, for your fulsome responses.
I thought perhaps it was me being a bit stingy not wanting to pay the yearly storage fee.
I’m going to contact Probate services plus take copies and give to my sons.
As a matter of interest, when the Will eventually needs to be produced, will only the original suffice? I’m always a bit twitchy about loosing documents.

Craftycat Mon 24-Aug-20 10:32:02

We did ours when Will Aid was offering a deal. They used to do it every November but not sure if they still do. A solicitor came to our house & did a great job. He worked in London but lived locally.
We did mirror wills & I keep them in a drawer with things like passports & birth certificates etc.

TerryM Mon 24-Aug-20 10:35:09

Another one for storing at solicitors for no charge.

JuliaM Mon 24-Aug-20 10:43:13

Yes, the original will along with the ink signitures of the people who witnessed and signed it at the office where it was made will need to be produced. The Solicitor will normally store the original copy for free, and produce it when a copy of the Death certificate of the person whos was is handed over to him. The probate office will not act on a photocopy alone.
There are a fair few schemes around that provide a proffesionally written will via a Solicitor in exchange for a small donation to a charity that have aranged to be part of this scheme. These wills have all the benefits of one written at full price by a Solicitor, and are fully approved by the Law Society. My Daughter made hers through the McMillan Scheme, My Son in Law used a Scheme set up by the local Air Ambulance Charity. Both wills are stored by the Solictor that made them, saving any worries should a security box at home get lost or stollen. The Solicitor not also registers a copy of the Will with the office of the Law Society. The donation needed to enter this scheme is around £50 to £100, but you an include a larger legacy in your will if you so wish.

SillyNanny321 Mon 24-Aug-20 10:43:52

Do not have anything of value, just odd bits & pieces. So have a ‘budget’ will made out years ago just to make sure things that family have asked for go to them. Nothing for the State to get as no money now. Son has it in with all his family documents!

Callistemon Mon 24-Aug-20 10:45:09

Ours are stored at the solicitors' office for no charge; however, they did move offices without informing their clients. As they hadn't moved far, we realised and after about 18 months of no message, we rang and asked to see our wills just to make sure they still had them safely stored. They did.

harrigran Mon 24-Aug-20 10:54:03

Our will, made 30 years ago, is stored at solicitors and we keep a copy in the safe at home.
As far as I know we are not charged for storage and yes they moved their office a few years ago.
We have just used the same solicitor for the sale of our home in the Lakes, he did the paperwork when we bought it and drew up our wills. Good to know he is still working.

inishowen Mon 24-Aug-20 11:08:11

Ours is in a metal box that my dad bought years ago. The family know where to find it.